Daily Hair Care Routine: Straight Hair

It’s important to establish a daily hair care routine, regardless of what type of hair you have. And not just any hair care routine, but the right way to do a hair care routine.

For people who have straight hair, unhealthy hair looks dry, frizzy, and rough. If your hair is well-nourished and well cared for, it’s evident in your scalp, your roots, your shafts. Healthy hair is bouncy, lively, and shiny. It feels silky and smooth to the touch. Totally the opposite of unhealthy hair!

Again, emphasis on the right way. After all, you can do anything daily but if you’re doing the wrong things over and over, you’re bound to do more damage than good.

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This guide is suitable for straight-haired people. If you have curly hair, go here, and if you have wavy hair, go here.


Straight hair is the most manageable out of all the hair types, but it doesn’t mean that it needs less care and maintenance than the others! Even straight hair can grow limp and dry if kept dirty for long periods of time.

When it comes to cleaning, there’s normally no need to shampoo every day… except if you’ve got straight hair. Straight hair is most prone to oiliness and greasiness from your scalp–too much can actually weigh your hair down. On top of that, the finer your hair is, the worse it is when it gets dirty.

Try to establish a regular shampoo schedule for your straight hair. It doesn’t have to be every day if you’re too busy, but that should be the first option.


Brushing your hair on a daily basis is extremely important if you’ve got straight hair. Not only does it remove tangles, but it also keeps your hair healthy! Did you know that brushing your hair actually has a myriad of health benefits? This includes increasing blood circulation in your scalp, stimulating and balancing the sebaceous glands, and transporting essential nutrients to your hair stem and roots.

Now you know, so from now on, make it a habit to add brushing to your daily hair care routine.


You can’t just stop at daily cleansing and brushing if you want to keep your straight hair healthy at all times. Protect it from harmful UV rays by using hair serums and oils whenever you go out. And actually, you can use serums even if you’re just planning to stay inside the house.

Straight hair also tends to be thinner and finer than other hair types so when styling your hair using heat, make sure not to use too much heat and try to apply some serum if you can.

Lastly, protect your hair further by using weekly or bi-weekly hair masks that can nourish your hair on a much deeper level. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing off and see your hair instantly transform from limp and lifeless to silky smooth!

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