4 Fun Hair Colors You Should Try At Least Once

Hair colors are a great way to look different without completely changing your hairstyle. From deep blacks to fiery reds to ashy blondes, it’s always fun to experiment with different colors for your hair!

zala hair 4 fun hair colors to try

Interested in trying out some new colors before this year ends? Here are 4 fun hair colors you should try at least once in your life!

Sun-Kissed Highlights

Sun-Kissed Highlights Clip In Hair Extensions

Laidback and totally chill, that’s what this color is all about. Sun-kissed highlights are absolutely flourishing around summertime, but who says you can’t don them on normal days? Make ordinary days extraordinary with sun-kissed highlights, one of the most fun hair colors you can try out before 2018 ends!

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zala purple hair

Purple hair has been rather trendy recently and for good reason. It looks totally elegant and stylish, especially if you have impeccable fashion as well. Purple looks exceptionally beautiful when paired with curls, which further highlights its bold color. If you’re scared to go full purple though, you can opt for something lighter or even ombre in the meantime, just to get a feel for the color.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair is a great look if you’re the kind of person who loves standing out from the crowd. This exquisite hair color is something that you should absolutely try out at least once. We’re sure you’ll love the exotic vibes! If you’d like to try this look, we’ve covered some awesome ways to rock platinum blonde hair on our blog.

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Burgundy Red

ZALA Burgundy Red

Going for a bold look? If so, then red is the perfect color for you! Nothing is more striking than the deepest, darkest of reds, such as burgundy red. Wild, young, and free, that's red hair for you. Just having this hair color is enough of a statement, to be honest. And with this fiery look, you’re definitely bound to turn more than a few heads, wherever you may go!

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And that’s it for our list of fun hair colors! What’s your favorite must-try fun hair color this year? Let us know in the comments below!

For more hairstyle ideas, check out the ZALA blog!

November 22, 2018
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