Autumn Hair Trends 2018

Ladies, summer is has officially ended. It's a bittersweet time where we remember all the frozen Daiquiris we drank on the beach, but it's also exciting because that means a new wardrobe or hair colour! We walk you through our favourite Autumn Hair Trends 2018.

Autumn Hair Trends 2018

It's starting to cool down but that doesn't mean your hair has to miss out! We talk you through our favourite Autumn Hair Trends 2018 to ensure that every season is your season for gorgeous hair.

Cool Ash Blonde Waves

Autumn Hair Trends 2018

Nothing screams autumn like soft silver hues. Want to cool down your blonde tones? Our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 Shade is the perfect match to those who want to achieve a cool, toned platinum blonde. This shade is soft and subtle for those colder months so you can be the Ice Queen you always wanted to be.

View our gorgeous shades here

Trends we love: The Oversized Beanie

Autumn Hair Trends 2018

Flatter your long locks this autumn with an oversized beanie. This accessory is your staple piece this Autumn for those days when you're after an effortless look. Look super cute whilst keeping warm. Our gorgeous customer wears our Honey Blonde #18 clip in hair extensions.

Dark Chocolate Brown Ponytail

Autumn Hair Trends 2018

For the perfect up do this Autumn, opt for our Human Hair Clip In Ponytail which can be easily applied and heat styled. Add curls to your ponytail fora fuller and thicker pony. This style is perfect for work and can be worn straight to dinner afterwards too! Bonus.

Watch how you can curl and apply your Human Hair Clip In Ponytail here:

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March 03, 2018
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