A Guide to Putting Extensions in Short Hair

Short hair has historically been popular among women because it looks cute and is always on-trend. While we love our short hairstyles, we also miss our long and luscious hair at times. And most of us can’t wait for our hair to grow so we can rock our favorite long hairstyles. We all want a quick fix. But is there a way to add length to your short hair without waiting for your hair to grow? Yes — hair extensions are the solution!

Hair extensions allow you to add length and volume to your short hair instantly. The best part is that clip-in extensions and hair extensions make your hair longer temporarily while allowing your natural hair to grow. 

But you might ask: How long does your hair have to be for extensions? Well, your hair will need to be at least three inches long to apply hair extensions. And to install clip-in extensions, your hair has to be at least four inches long.

If you’re new to hair extensions, you may find it tricky to put those wefts in your short hair. Read on to learn how to put extensions in short hair.

How to Put in Clip-in Extensions in Short Hair

Clip-in extensions are easy to apply. You can install them to your hair like a pro with a bit of practice.

To install clip-in extensions in short hair, you’ll need a good quality clip-in extensions set, a soft brush, a mirror, and a hair clip or pin to hold your hair up. 

Then follow the steps given below to put those extensions in your hair:

1. Brush your own hair and the extensions to remove any tangles and knots.

2. Pull your hair at the back, leaving a tiny portion at the nape of your neck. 

3. Backcomb the hair segment steadily and use the hair clip or pin to hold it up.

4. Pinning the hair up will create a section where you have to apply your first piece of weft. You have to work your way up from the nape of your neck. 

5. Now, take the first weft and clip it onto your hair. Make sure to close the middle clip first, followed by the remaining ones. Complete the first row by applying the wefts side by side.

6. Next, take one layer of your hair out and apply your second row of extensions (an inch above the first extension layer).

Pro tip: If you’re installing two wefts of different shades, install the darker one at the base and the lighter one on top of it. This will create cohesive layers, making your hair look natural.

7. Repeat step number 6 to install the next row of extensions. Ideally, this will be an inch above your ears. 

8. Place the next layer of wefts the same way you applied the previous rows. This layer should line up with almost the center of your forehead. 

9. And finally, apply a four-clip piece at the back to cover all the other wefts installed in your hair. 

10. Brush your hair, style it to your liking, and you’re ready to rock your long, luscious locks.

Different Shades Hair Extensions

How to Put Tape-in Extensions in Short Hair

Installing tape-in wefts is tricky. For this reason, we recommend you to visit a salon for professional installation. If you’re new to tape extensions and want to DIY the installation process at home, you may end up damaging your natural hair as well as the extensions.

Here are some common steps that most stylists follow to put in tape extensions in short hair:

1. Just like the clip extensions, you have to start from the bottom of your head. Pull your hair up while leaving a little bit of hair behind to create your first section. 

2. Now, stick the first piece of weft one centimeter from the root of your hair. Then press your finger over the tape to secure it in place. 

3. Next, stick the second extension piece directly over the first one, with a few hair strands sandwiched between the two tapes. 

Repeat the above steps to install the tape-in wefts side by side in the first row, keeping a distance of one centimeter between each weft.

Next, install the remaining rows of extensions the same way you installed the first one. Make sure to keep a distance of one inch between each row while working your way up.

After applying all of the extensions, use a loop brush to brush your hair and style it as you want. Again, only attempt at-home installation if you have professional experience as a stylist. Otherwise, schedule a visit to your salon for the best results.

No matter which variety you choose, ZALA has extensions to help your short hair reach new lengths. Choose from our extensive range of lengths, colors, and styles here.

February 14, 2022
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