5 Tips When Caring For Naturally Curly Hair

It's no secret that curly hair looks amazing. But let's be honest, it can also very hard to maintain! For today's article, here are 5 tips when caring for naturally curly hair!


Don’t wash your hair too often

No hair type in the world deserves a daily washing, especially not curly hair. After all, curly hair is already dry by nature. It’s no surprise that w ashing your hair daily will only further dry your hair out.

Washing too often, more so if it’s with shampoo, is extremely detrimental to your hair’s health. Dry hair can suffer from many problems, such as breakage and split ends. This makes curly hair even more fragile, so make sure to always use a conditioner when showering to prevent dryness.

Use hair serums to soften strands

Hair serums can be a lifesaver for dull, lifeless strands. They’re extremely concentrated hair products, which means they’re very effective for treating specific hair issues and problems.

Many serums can also greatly improve the texture of dry hair, thanks to their nourishing and moisturizing capabilities. Just make sure to pick one that was formulated specifically for dry hair so that you’ll know that you’re getting everything that you need.

Don’t brush your locks

Curly hair isn’t meant to be brushed naturally. Boar-bristle brushes may be excellent for straight or even wavy hair, but they can instantly turn your hair from gorgeous to pure frizz. 

After showering, or whenever you feel like your hair needs some ‘brushing’, just use a wide-toothed comb to remove all tangles. Start from the bottom, detangling all the way up. This way, you’re avoiding any unnecessary stress to your hair

Do the pineapple

It’s no surprise that curly hair can be pretty hard to maintain, but there are plenty of tricks to make your curls more defined. One of them is the pineapple method, a tried and tested method for keeping your hair looking lovely overnight.

Curious to try it? It’s actually really easy. You just have to bunch your hair up at the top of your head, putting it in a loose bun until you wake up in the morning. This prevents your hair from getting flattened or matted down while you’re sound asleep.

Trim your hair regularly

Since curly hair is very prone to hair issues like split ends, it’s important that you’re diligent with your salon schedule. Always get your hair trimmed an inch or two every six to eight weeks, for optimum results. This ensures that you’re nipping in the bud any breakages or bad ends that may damage your hair in the long run.

Did you like our tips? What do you do when you're caring for naturally curly hair? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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October 10, 2019
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