5 Reasons You Need a Mini Straightener

Let's face it, taming your hair can be seriously hard. Bad hair days, busy schedules, travel and budgets can all lead to some seriously problematic locks.

But we have the answer for you, the holy grail of hair taming... the ZALA Mini Straightener! This affordable and convenient styling tool is perfect for busy bodies, travellers and more.

So in today's article, check out 5 reasons you need a mini straightener now!

5 Reasons You Need a Mini Straightener

#1 - Make Travelling Easier

Lugging heavy hair styling tools around when travelling can be a real drag but what's a girl to do when she needs to tame her mane? That's why we have made our mini straightener super small and light weight so you can travel with it easily. With a sleek heat proof bag, it is perfect to slip into your suitcase!

#2 - Busy Bad Hair Days

Slept through your alarm? Need to rush out of the house early? Busy days like these can mean bad hair. Not to worry though, you can throw your ZALA mini straightener in your purse to easily tame your mane when you have a free minute. This discrete and easy to pack straightener means you can sneak into the bathroom on your lunch break to get your locks under control.

#3 - Go Day to Night

No time to head home to freshen up before Friday night drinks? Never fear, your ZALA mini straightener is here. We always use ours to freshen up our hair before heading our or even add a few curls or waves. This is the easiest way to go from day to night, hassle free and in a flash!

#4 - Tame Those Bangs

Getting your bangs under control can seem impossible sometimes. When you've tried and failed with hair dryers, curlers, and normal straight ironing we would recommend the ZALA mini straightener. Its small design is the perfect way to style your bangs. Including a 360 degree swivel cord, you can have gorgeous bangs in no time.

#5 - On a Budget?

Buying new styling tools can be hard to justify when you're on a budget but not anymore. The ZALA mini straightener is only $24.99 - making it the ultimate affordable styling trick for anyone on a budget!

5 Reasons You Need a Mini Straightener

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April 03, 2018
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