5 Popular Hair Color Trends

Hair color trends come and go, and keeping up-to-date with evolving styles allows you to freshen up your look when you’re craving a change. While you can’t go wrong with any shade that makes you happy, researching trending colors can help give you a little inspiration. Here’s a quick guide to some of this year’s most popular looks.

1. Honey-Gold Bronde

The honey-gold bronde is having a big moment. It’s a beautiful fusion of brunette and blonde. The medium to light brown color adds depth and profile to your hair. Plus, the gleaming honey-gold shade enhances the foreground stripes and underscores the borders. It goes all the way to the ends, making your locks look more vibrant. The warm highlights are so striking, they’re sure to flatter your face and give your overall color a boost.

2. Sun-Kissed Brunette

The sun-kissed brunette effect is trendy and universally flattering. Many people got inspired to try this color by Kendall Jenner, who rocked this shade after the Met Gala 2022. Her brunette featured a subtle medium brown base with gleaming hazelnut high points to add more texture to the shade. A sun-kissed brunette makes it an ideal color for the warmer months, but it works well in any season.

3. Pastel Pinks and Peaches

This is a new cool girl hair trend, and it is reigning supreme! Whether you want to try peach or pink, these shades will add a more playful vibe to your overall look. The warm and softer pastel tones make these shades stand out just enough. If you’re seeking a change that incorporates fun colors but isn’t quite as bold or vibrant as neon, pastel could be a perfect choice.

4. Sun-Baked Blonde

We’re seeing the sun-baked blonde everywhere. This brighter, bolder, and completely sun-baked color emits a raw effect, adding a unique and trendy vibe to your overall look. The bright and golden sun-matching tone makes it perfect for making a statement in the summer, but you can also carry that warmth into the other seasons!

If you want to go blonde but aren’t entirely sure if it’s right for you, consider wearing some blonde hair extensions first as a trial. Zala Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, meaning they’ll look and feel just like your natural hair. Make sure to check out blonde hair extensions before and after photos online to see the difference blonde hair extensions can make to your look.

5. 1969 Woodstock-Inspired Warmth

The Woodstock-inspired warmth tone from 1969 made a comeback in 2022. This time around, it looks more polished, warm, and glossy, featuring more golden and strawberry blond tones.

Plus, the warm-toned brunettes make this trend look stunning and enigmatic. The highlights are kept to a minimum, and the tones integrate more into a solo shade. The simple highlights add a touch of depth and proportion to your hair.

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January 28, 2023
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