5 Amazing Hair Treatments You Shouldn't Miss

Think your hair is needing its much needed pamper session? In this article, we've listed down five amazing hair treatments that you absolutely shouldn't miss!


Keratin treatment

Keratin treatments have been around for quite some time now, but they never seem to get the love they deserve from the hair-loving community. Actually, keratin treatments are some of the most amazing hair treatments you can ever get. This is regardless if you do it in a salon or in your own house as a home treatment.

Simply put, this is because keratin is the same material that your own hair is made of. As a natural protein, keratin is found in your strands, your fingernails, and even your own skin. And when it comes to treatments, keratin can instantly give your strands their much-needed boost, making them smoother, shinier, and much more manageable after just one session. If you're going to try just one treatment on this list, this has got to be it.

Brazilian blow-dry

Ever wanted that 'just got out of the salon' look, except you want to still look gorgeous the next day, as well? Well, that's what a Brazilian blow-dry treatment is for.

For many people, a Brazilian blow-dry treatment is very similar to a keratin treatment. After all, both treatments are meant to make hair instantly smoother and straighter, and they look a lot more natural than old-style rebonding as well.

However, a Brazilian blow-dry tends to be more moisturizing for your hair and can be quicker than a traditional keratin treatment too, albeit more expensive. That's probably the reason why so many at-home DIY Brazilian blow-dry treatments have been popping up recently, but you should always take precautions before deciding on something so risky, especially if it concerns something as important as your own hair.

Olaplex treatment

Olaplex is a three-step-treatment launched in June 2014 that has eventually become one of the best treatments you can get in salons.

The three steps are, namely, the Bond Multiplier, Bond Perfector, and Hair Perfector. Bond Multiplier first breaks down the bond of each specific strand, effectively starting the repair process. Bond Perfector then rebuilds these broken bonds, strengthening your strands and enhancing their individual quality. Lastly, the hair perfector nourishes your hair and protects it from future breakages and other damage.

You can even go further than that and get the Bond Maintenance shampoo and Bond Maintenance conditioner too. Of course, if you wear hair extensions regularly, we also recommend checking out our own special Froth On You shampoo and Smooth Talker conditioner, guaranteed to give your hair the healthiest sheen ever.

Argan oil conditioning mask

We've already talked about how helpful argan oil is for your hair and we'll never stop adding it to our list of best oils to use for your strands. Now, we'll talk about why it's one of thee most amazing hair treatments you shouldn't miss.

Not only is argan oil an effective hair styling product, it's also amazing moisturizer especially for dry and damaged hair. It's one of the oils that salons use for hot oil treatment, a treatment designed to restore your hair's natural shine and texture.

Other than that, argan oil can also be useful for other hair issues like split ends, extremely dehydrated hair, and even dandruff.

Hair sleeping mask

Who says hair care ends at the salon? Actually, real hair care begins at home, where you have much bigger control over your own locks.

Regardless of how many times you go to the salon for touch-ups, if you don't know how to take care of your hair properly, you won't be able to get out of the cycle of bad hair days. And while hair that's normal or just average in type and texture, a regular hair care routine could do the trick, hair that's way too dry should also receive some extra care and thought.

If possible, try to incorporate a hair sleeping mask in your regular routine. You can use store-bought brands or even create hair masks on your own.

How many of these salon or at-home treatments have you tried before? We'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! And of course, for more tips and tricks, feel free to check out the ZALA blog!

July 24, 2019
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