Weave In / Weft / Sew In Policy


ZALA's weave range is designed to last 3-9 months (approx), depending on multiple factors such as use, application, product's used, weather, sport/activity & other factors. This life-span begins from the date the order was delivered, not from when they were applied, as it cannot be proved when they were applied.


We only recommend having your weave in hair extensions applied by a professional hairdresser with weft/weave experience. Although weave in hair extensions are a very popular method of semi-permanent hair extensions, please note that this method of application can be more damaging on natural hair. This is due to the nature of application, which does cause more friction/weight on your scalp which overtime can be damaging. By purchasing weave in hair extensions from ZALA, you do waive the risks associated with this method and agreed to our policy on this product. Once the product is applied, we do not take responsibility for any damage caused/unwanted results. If you are after a much more lightweight, comfortable & non-damaging method of semi permanent hair extensions, we highly recommend our tape hair extension range which require no sewing/heat/messy glue for application.

Toning & dying

Toners & dyes contain harsh corrosive chemicals, the Tape range can be toned & dyed however this is at the customer's own risk. If the product has been toned/dyed then all warranty or quality guarantees are waived. ZALA considers that a vital modification of the product for its intended use & design.  Toning & dying can increase the chance of dryness, tangled, pieces slipping, matting, split ends & shedding. Despite this, this product range does tone & dye well & a high percentage of customers perform this daily.

Hygiene seal & Australian Hygiene regulations

Once the blue & black tag has been removed from the product and the goods have been applied, the product can no longer be returned or exchanged. We are governed by Australian hygiene laws which we abide strictly to. We do not make exceptions under any circumstance. The blue & black tag clearly states this information, which is also listed in the booklet received with all orders & the customer service page.