The History of Titian Barbies

In 1961, Barbie launched its first ever titan Barbie. This came in the 1961 line of Bubblecut Barbie. The Bubblecut line ran from 1961 to 1967. The Bubblecut line had a full, round haircut that somewhat resembles a soap bubble.

The hair color was also incorporated in the Number 6 line of Ponytail Barbies. Sometimes, late issue Number 6 are referred to as Number 7. These Barbies have curly bangs with a ponytail that ends in curls. The number 6 line also had blonde and brunette hair. The Number 6 Bubblcut line ran from 1962 to 1964.

Below are photos of titan Barbies from this time.

A Number 6 Ponytail Barbie with titan hair. Notice the bangs and curly ponytail.

A Number 6 titan Barbie in the original case.

The Bubblecut barbies had a full, round head of hair. This one is the titan Bubblecut from 1964.

Emily Caent

Date: 20/09/2016

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