Hair Extensions Policy

Toning & dying

ZALA hair extensions can be toned, dyed and cut however this is done at the customer's own risk. Toners and dyes can contain corrosive chemicals which may damage hair extensions when used improperly. All warranty and quality guarantees are waived by ZALA hair extensions if the ZALA product has been toned/dyed. Toning and dying hair can increase the risk of dryness, tangling, matting, split ends, breakage and shedding. Modification may also decrease the expected lifespan of the product.

Toning/dying is considered a detrimental modification of the product and will waive all product guarantees and warranties. Despite thousands of ZALA customers dying/toning their ZALA hair, we do not recommend this as it can increase dryness, tangling etc. as well as shorten the lifespan of the product. If toning/dying, always test your product on one piece first to ensure you are happy with the results as ZALA is not responsible for unwanted toning/dying results.

Hygiene seal & Hygiene regulations

Products can not be returned or exchanged once the blue and black tag is removed from the product. We are governed by hygiene laws which we abide strictly to. We do not make exceptions under any circumstance. This information is clearly stated on the blue and black tag attached to products, the booklet attached to packaging and the customer service page.

Application, use & styling of ZALA products

Although all ZALA extensions are Human hair & are hair straightener and curling wand safe, we do not recommend holding a straightener or wand in one spot for more than 3 seconds. This can cause serious damage to your own natural hair & also your hair extensions. Hair is very delicate & sensitive. Heat focused on one spot can cause damage to the hair cells.

Product lifespan

The lifespan of ZALA clip in hair extensions, ponytails, halos ® and clip in volumizers will vary between individuals depending on the frequency of use and aftercare of the product. The expected lifespan is approximately 3-12 months. We recommend daily users of temporary extensions to replace their sets once or twice a year.

ZALA's weave range is designed to last 3-9 months (approx), depending on multiple factors such as use, application, product's used, weather, sport/activity & other factors. This life-span begins from the date the order was delivered, not from when they were applied, as it cannot be proved when they were applied.

ZALA's Tape range is designed to last 3-9 months, depending on multiple factors such as use, application, products used, weather, sport/activity, re-taping & other factors. If you experience an issue with your Tape hair extensions, it must be brought to our attention immediately to ensure we can assist further.The life-span begins from the date the order was delivered, not from when they were applied. This is because it cannot be proved when they were applied. If quality issues are experienced 12 weeks or later, after the delivery date, then ZALA considers that an acceptable life-span of the product & in this case they may need replacing, re-taping or re-applying. The expected life span is estimated only & improper care & use can reduce this life-span significantly.

If a quality complaint is raised with a Tape product within its 3 month life span, the team will investigate the batch number & complaint rate, if there a pattern of complaints with the same batch or product number, ZALA will rectify the issue at management's discretion. If the inspected batch quality meets our quality guidelines & no issues are found, then in most cases, the issue experienced will be down to user error such as improper application, re-taping or modification of the product (toning or dying for example)

Shades fading over time and shade variation

Just like normal hair being dyed, your ZALA Human Hair Extensions may fade over time due to many different factors such as environmental exposure, UV exposure and being washed frequently. Our batches may also vary slightly however all care is taken to ensure the products are consistent over time. If you have received a set and are not happy with the colour on arrival, please contact [email protected] and we can assist you and arrange an exchange on goods which have not been worn or opened and have the hygiene seal still intact.

Weft / Weave in Hair Extensions Policy


We only recommend having your weave in hair extensions applied by a professional hairdresser with weft/weave experience. Although weave in hair extensions are a very popular method of semi-permanent hair extensions, please note that this method of application can be more damaging on natural hair. This is due to the nature of application, which does cause more friction/weight on your scalp which overtime can be damaging. By purchasing weave in hair extensions from ZALA, you do waive the risks associated with this method and agree to our policy on this product. Once the product is applied, we do not take responsibility for any damage caused/unwanted results. If you are after a much more lightweight, comfortable & non-damaging method of semi permanent hair extensions, we highly recommend our tape hair extension range which require no sewing/heat/messy glue for application.

Tape Hair Extension Policy

Recommended Quantity

The quantity chosen by the customer can affect the end result and may not meet customers desired result. ZALA is not responsible for unwanted results due to selecting the incorrect amount of pieces being purchased for a customer's needs. Please find the recommended quantity guide below.

-20 pieces (booster pack) great for adding a little more volume to your current tape extensions. ZALA does not recommend applying 20 pieces on their own. This amount is not sufficient for a full head. -40 pieces (minimum amount) is ideal for those with natural hair that is thin to medium thickness. This quantity is ideal for those who want natural, everyday length & volume.  40 pieces will provide an average result & is the absolute minimum required to extend your hair whilst looking natural. -60 pieces (most popular amount) is perfect for those with medium to thick natural hair. This will add ultimate length & volume. -80 pieces (best value option) - buy more & save. 80 pieces will create superior volume & thickness however is not recommended to be applied all at once. Applying all 80 pieces at once will increase issues with tangling & shedding. Therefore, we do not recommend this amount in one application. By applying 80 pieces, you accept the risk of increased tangling, matting, shedding, dryness etc.

Application & Warranty

We recommend a qualified professional hair-dresser apply your tape hair extensions. Your hairdresser should have substantial experience with applying Tape hair extensions. The application is very important to how the product performs. ZALA is not responsible for any damage to the product or its function due to improper application. If you experience a quality issue/concern with the ZALA Tape range which may be application related, ZALA reserves the right to request the details of the Hair-dresser/business who applied the products & verify they hold valid Australian hairdressing qualifications & that they have experience working with Tape hair extensions.

If you apply the product yourself or without a qualified hairdresser, then you accept the responsibility for any issues with the product related to application such as tangling, matting, pieces falling out or slipping.

Re-application & Removal

We recommend only ZALA Removal solvent & ZALA Tape application Tabs or roll for re-application.These products have been designed to work in conjunction with the ZALA Tape range. We can not assist any customers who experience removal or re-application issues without proving they have purchased ZALA approved products from the ZALA online store. We do not recommend purchasing ZALA solvent from any third parties. ZALA does not supply any distributors with our Solvent or Tape tabs. Please ensure you purchase from the ZALA online store so you can ensure they are genuine.