Our hair colour wheels allow you to sample all ZALA shades! This includes highlighted extensions. The same colour system applies to all types of our human hair extensions, including clip-ins, tape-ins, weaves, and volumizers.

This colour wheel includes shades: Rich Mocha #4, Chestnut Brown #6, Cinnamon #8, Caramel #10, Top Deck #6/60, Burgandy Red #99J

Unsure about what colour of hair extensions would work best for you? Our hair colour chart wheel allows you to experience all of our shades. Check them under different lighting to see how the colour looks in a variety of situations.

The hair extension colour wheel is a particularly useful accessory for hair stylists to show clients their options before they select ZALA hair extensions. It’s also a good choice for those who want to change their hair colour occasionally and want to continue to have extensions that look fantastic. You can even use the colour wheel for inspiration about what colour to dye your hair next.

To use the colour wheel, hold the sample up to your natural hair to find an exact match.

With the hair colour wheel, you’ll see that we have the perfect shade to match your hair, no matter if your hair is its natural colour or dyed. Feel confident about your choice of hair extensions before making a purchase. You’ll know that you’re making the right colour match choice!