Volumizer Piece Extensions

Want to add an extra piece to your Clip In Extensions set or just add modest volume to your hair? Introducing our ZALA Volumizer Piece Extensions. Perfect for that everyday look to give your hair that extra bit of volume and body.

Volumizer Piece Extensions

Our new ZALA Volumizer Piece Extensions are the perfect solution for those who want to add modest volume to their hair, or add an extra clip in piece to their set.

Our Volumizer Pieces are available in 12", 16" and 20" single piece sets. They are a great way to give your hair that extra layer of thickness, perfect for everyday wear. Choose a length that is closest to your current hair to add instant volume and thickness.

Benefits of Volumizer Piece Extensions

ZALA Volumizer Extensions are comfortable, lightweight and discreet while remaining super thick.

  • Silicone backed clips allow for ultimate grip on your hair, therefore they won't slide out while you are wearing them.
  • A new seamless band at the top of the piece means that the set is lighter in weight, while still having as much hair as a regular clip in piece using traditional lace.
  • Our Seamless design is also available in 9 Piece Clip In Sets.
  • Volumizer Single Piece extensions are the thickest single piece available across our site.

Available Lengths

Our Volumizer Piece is currently available in our 12", 16" and 20" sets. As a general guide, choose a piece that matches your current hair length:

  • 12 inch sits just below the shoulders and is our shortest length at ZALA
  • 16 inch sits around mid bust line - great for a natural, everyday look
  • 20 inch is our most popular length at ZALA - this falls comfortably below the bust area

You can also view our length guide here to give you a better idea of where each length will sit.


December 05, 2017
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