Using Clip-In Hair Extensions For Your Valentine

Whether you’re planning to have a group date with friends or a candlelight dinner with your loved one, there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is one important event for every hopeless romantic around.

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, which means your hairstyle should be special as well. The romance shouldn’t end with where you go, what you do, and who you spend the day with. Giving a little love to your crowning glory has never been a bad thing!

Using Clip-In Hair Extensions for Your Valentine

Hairstyles Using Clip-In Hair Extensions for Your Valentine

To help you complete your Valentine look, you may want to consider using clip-in hair extensions. While hair extensions, in general, can give your hair additional length and volume so that you’d have a livelier-looking hairstyle. Clip-ins, more specifically, are easy to attach and remove, even for complete beginners, which is why they’re our top recommendation if you’re thinking of using hair extensions for the first time.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a specific hairstyle, here are some ideas for sprucing up your look on Valentine’s Day!

1. Half Updo

You can never go wrong with popular day-to-day hairstyles like messy buns and half updos. The half-bun, half cascading waves is a form of updo you can wear on both formal occasions, like a wedding, and casual ones, like a picnic at the park. Adding clip-in hair extensions can enhance volume of your hair, improving the appearance of both the bun and the waves. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, you can also add accessories like ribbons or flowers for a more romantic look.

2. 1930s Waves

Get inspired by the glamorous waves that trended in the 1930s! Usually worn on formal settings and red carpet events, these bridal waves are perfect for formal dates like fine dining for two. You can add clip-in hair extensions to make your hair look longer, thicker, and more suitable for Valentine’s Day!

3. Bubble Twist Braid

If you’re planning something casual for Valentine’s, such as an amusement park date or a sports day, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Bubble twist braids refer to a modern type of braid that looks quite unique compared to the usual French or Dutch braids. Not only does it look cute and charming, it also helps you avoid getting all sweaty and hot during outdoorsy activities!

4. Mixed Braids

If bubble twist braids still don’t do it for you, feel free to go wild with another hairstyle instead. For this hairstyle, you should aim to create at least two different kinds of braids, resulting in a look that’s both romantic and complex. As they say, go big or go home.

For best results, pick 3-5 different kinds of braids to style your hair with. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem when you’re using clip-in hair extensions. After all, more volume means more braid styles, and more length means longer, more romantic braids.

5. Half-Knot Buns

Sometimes, just lounging at home eating pizza and drinking some wine while watching a good romantic film is enough for Valentine’s Day. Still, you deserve to look better than your usual. A casual, half-knot bun for Netflix and chill is not such a bad idea. You can even curl the remaining hair for a more charming appeal.

With clip-in hair extensions, you have a wider range of options to choose from to match your Valentine’s date. The additional length and volume will surely complement your dress and makeup and make you look more date-ready than ever!

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