Types of Hair Extensions

Choosing the perfect set of ZALA hair extensions can be tricky, especially when there are so many different kinds of hair extensions to choose from. You might end up wondering, “What is the best type of hair extensions out there?” That’s why we have put together a guide to all the types of hair extensions we offer here at ZALA.

Whether you’re a clip in devotee thinking about trying tapes or a newbie looking to try out a ponytail extension, this guide has all the information you need to make the best choice for you! It also answers the common questions about the best types of hair extensions for thin hair.

Types of Hair Extensions

types of hair extensions

types of hair extensions

Clip in extensions is some of the most popular types of hair extensions we sell at ZALA and are of course an all-time favourite. Clip-ins are perfect for those looking for easy to apply, temporary length or volume. Our clip-ins are all made from AAA grade 100% Human Remy hair and are for that reason some of the best in the game.

types of hair extensions

5 and 9 Piece Sets

What is the best type of extensions for fine hair, you ask! Our clip-in sets are available in both 5 and 9 piece sets. As a general guide for clip ins, our 5 piece set is the best type of hair extensions for thin hair. This set is perfect for you if you want to add some everyday thickness to your fine hair. 

Or you may want to go for the 9 piece set if your hair is medium/thick or you want to add a lot of volume. We also have a quick, in-depth video on how to choose between the 5 & 9 piece set which you can watch below:

We also offer Quadweft 20-inch & 24-inch sets for those with medium to very thick hair for those who desire the ultimate volume and thickness! We generally recommend the 9 piece set for the most seamless results & styling flexibility. What this means is that you can always save the pieces you do not use for later. For more information on our 5 & 9 piece sets, as well as application tutorials for both, please see below:


Our clip-in sets are also available in both our classic lace wefted option or our seamless design.  ZALA triple/quad weft clip-in sets and ZALA seamless clip-in sets are very different in their design. Our standard clip in sets are french laced & either triple or quad wefted. However, our newest Seamless range utilises the latest technology in seamless weft design to create an ultra discreet, lightweight set.

Our Seamless range is 20% lighter than our standard clip-in sets and is ultra natural once applied. It is their streamlined design that ensures no bulky wefts and ultimate comfort throughout the day.

Aside from this, both ranges provide the same 100% Human Remy hair with the same thickness, composition & small sturdy silicon backed clips. Choosing between each range really depends on personal preference.


Last but not least in our clip-in range is our one piece volumizers. One piece volumizers are available in the seamless design. They are perfect for those looking to give their hair a boost of volume. Our one piece volumizers are super thick and the perfect no-fuss method to add volume. Not to mention, they are super easy to apply! Simply section off your hair at the widest part of your scalp (typically just above the ear). Hook the volumizer onto your hair and clip in. We recommend starting with the centre clips first and working your way out. You can view our in-depth guide on how to apply your ZALA volumizer below:


types of hair extensions

A clip-in ponytail is a perfect product for hair extension newbies or anyone looking to add amazing volume and/or length to their own ponytail. Our favourite look has been rocked by our favourite stars like Ariana Grande and Rihanna and it is a super easy way to achieve a super trendy look. 

types of hair extensions

Human and Keratin Pro

Our clip in ponytails are available in both our Keratin Pro range and our Human Hair range! The Keratin Pro ponytail hair is made from a keratin-rich fibre that looks and feels very similar to human hair. These sets are very high quality and are super soft and shiny. You can safely style your clip in hair extensions. The hair is 100% human Remy hair which means it can be safely straightened, curled, coloured & styled just like your clip ins.

types of hair extensions

Finally, we have our tape hair extensions! These are perfect for those looking for a non-damaging, semi-permanent method of adding length and volume. Ever regretted cutting your hair and wishing you could just stick the old pieces back on? Well, with tape extensions you can! 


What we recommend:

ZALA tape hair extension range is made from AAAAA grade European Remy Hair. Our entire range is made from 100% Human hair. It is double drawn to ensure super thick sets from top to bottom. You can expect silky & soft sets with thick & healthy ends. We also use the highest quality Tape adhesive on the market. The tape we sell is made in the USA and has a blue backing. Once the tab is removed, the tape is clear & undetectable. Our tape has a very strong hold and will remain applied for 8 weeks until they need moving up/re-taping. It is good to know that the tape will hold even during sport, swimming, showering & washing. Tape hair extensions are definitely one of our fave types of hair extensions.

With most of our customers, we recommend using 40-60 pieces. This is because it can depend on your needs and the style you want to achieve. For thin/fine & medium thickness hair, 40+ piece’s is optimal. If you have medium-thick hair use 40-60 pieces. For those wanting super volume or with very thick natural hair, 60-80 pieces is ideal.

February 02, 2018
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