Top Tips for Seamless ZALA Halo® Blending

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our brand new ZALA Halo extensions range! This one piece extension provides the same thickness as a full set and can be applied in under 30 seconds. It is perfect for the girl on the run! Check out our top tips for seamless ZALA Halo blending to get yours looking gorgeous in no time.

Top Tips for Seamless ZALA Halo® Blending

We are absolutely obsessed with this easy-to-use and damage-free product and we know you will be too. With only one easy to apply piece, you can get longer, thicker hair in only 30 seconds. No clips, no damage, no fuss.  Blending halo hair extensions is so simple, you will just adore the instant transformation!

ZALA Halo Extensions are available in:

12inch – 100gr – ZALA Halo Extensions ($139.99AU)

16inch – 130gr – ZALA Halo Extensions ($179.99AU

20inch – 150gr – ZALA Halo Extensions ($239.99AU)

24inch – 180g – ZALA Halo Extensions ($319.00AU)

top tips for seamless halo blending

Wondering how to blend Halo hair extensions? Here are our top tips:

  • When applying the ZALA Halo, start by placing the wire about 1 inch back from your hairline, then push the back of it down behind your occipital bone. It should be nice and secure above your ears.
  • If you’re experiencing bunching, it may help to use the wire with two clips per side as this really helps the ZALA Halo sit nice and flat against your hair.
  • You may also find that bringing more of your natural hair over the top of the ZALA Halo will help it feel much more secure
  • Alternatively, we have had some customers use a few single clip-in pieces on top of their ZALA Halo if they want extra security during the day. This will secure the ZALA Halo and provide more framing for your face.
  • Curling the ZALA Halo extensions as well as your own hair will also assist with blending and ensure the piece blends in with your natural hair texture.

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August 08, 2018
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