The perfect shade of dark: Zala Hair Extensions shades

For all the dark-haired beauties on a quest to find the perfect hair extensions, this one’s for you. We understand that discovering the best hair color to match your natural dark tresses can be a challenge. Worry not; Zala Hair has the hue solution just for you.

Wondering “what color hair extensions should I get” is no longer with our boastful collection of stunning dark shades crafted meticulously to match your hair. So whether you’re rocking a deep black or a rich brown hair color, we’ve got you covered. With this starter guide of six captivating shades under your sleeve, you’ll be sure to turn heads and feel fabulous!

Jet Black

Your ticket to achieving that sleek and captivating black look will be cashed in with Jet Black extensions from Zala Hair. They are the best human hair extensions for black hair with their timeless elegance, effortlessly making a statement everywhere you go.

Our Jet Black shade isn’t just a color; it’s a shade that can transform your daily style into something magical. Whether you go for a night out or want to feel your best on a typical day, you’re guaranteed to look and feel phenomenal.

Jet Black extensions from Zala Hair are the best extension to match black hair that will blend seamlessly with your natural locks. Upping the volume and length, giving you a beautiful black finish, is something you will never cease to feel fantastic about.

Natural Black


You can’t forget about natural black hair when thinking about effortless glamour. Suppose you’re no short of appreciating the appeal of your natural black hair. In that case, Zala Hair’s Natural Black shade of extensions epitomizes the classic hair color.

What sets our Natural Black hair extensions apart from the rest is their ability to easily combine and enhance your natural hair’s depth and allure. Black hair also tends to have a more elegant, satiny appearance, so sporting the Natural Black shade will feel nothing but dreamy.

With Natural Black extensions from Zala Hair, you’ll express your unique style, making your skin glow and your eyes pop with ease. If your true passion lies with elevating your look with natural black extensions, accentuate your magnificence with Zala Hair.

Midnight Brown

For those that stun with dark brown locks, something special is in store for you: Zala Hair’s Midnight Brown shade. This hue adds a dash of mystery to your current enchantingly brown tresses, guaranteed to amaze everyone.

With a boost of length and volume, Midnight Brown hair extensions are a game-changer, giving you a look you’ll always adore. And guess what? Our extensions are lovely, very user-friendly, and simple to maintain, keeping you looking your best each day.

Imagine all the jaw-dropping attention you’ll receive with the spotlight on your lovely brown hair. Brown human hair extensions are a breeze to find at Zala Hair, so step up your hair game to flourish like the goddess you are.

Dark Chocolate


We are proud to introduce to you the Dark Chocolate shade from Zala Hair– a shade that is as rich and delectable as it sounds. If you’re a brunette with the hues of a rich, dark chocolate look in your hair, you are in for a treat.

This shade ensures you’ll leave an everlasting impression on anyone you meet, gloating with your dark hair and red undertones. Zala Hair’s Dark Chocolate shade of extensions is designed for those with brown hair so dark that it echoes sunshine.

The shade opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to styles. With an undetectable blend, these are singlehandedly the best human hair extensions for your needs. Boost your everyday look with color, volume, and length with the shade Dark Chocolate.

Rich Mocha


As you enter the world of warmth and lavishness, Zala Hair’s Rich Mocha extensions are ready to greet you. This shade was made for you if you’re loud and proud about your gorgeous brown hair.

Embracing your true, authentic self has never been more accessible with the shade Rich Mocha. With such a warm and inviting feel to it, you will radiate such confidence and poise.

In this way, we bring our tribute to the classic coffee order, and Zala Hair extensions offer an extra shot of charm to pair with your special style. Equipped with both versatility and top-quality human hair, extensions in the shade of Rich Mocha are your path where your grace shines naturally.

Chocolate Swirl Highlight

A hair color that’s the image of having your cake and eating it, too, is what Zala Hair’s Chocolate Swirl highlight shade is all about. It’s a hint of ombre with a touch of sunkissed highlights, crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

You have a deep brown at the root that gradually transforms into a warmer brown towards the ends. It is nothing but perfection, and you will quickly embrace art with the Chocolate Swirl Highlight shade from Zala Hair.

Prepare to be captivated with this hair extension shade and celebrate your natural brown hair with some fun and Zala Hair by your side.

Color Matching at Your Fingertips

And if you’re still at a loss on which shade is best for you, Zala Hair Extensions free online color matching service is at your every beck and call. The shade just for you will be at your fingertips with a few steps. Submit some details and share photos of your hair, and the magic begins.

Discover the ease of beauty with Zala Hair Extensions today!
October 09, 2023
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