Taking Care Of Rebonded Hair

Unlike hair straightening, which is a temporary way to get your curly locks straight, hair rebonding provides more permanent results that will allow you to have straight and sleek hair for 3 to 6 months without the hassle of using flat irons or mild relaxing agents regularly to maintain the look that you are looking for. When your hair is rebonded, what happens is that your hair structure is altered to allow it to remain straight even after many washes and rounds of styling.

Here’s a list of things you have to do when you’re taking care of rebonded hair!

1. Do avoid tying your hair too tight

Tying your hair too tight, especially if you had just recently undergone the treatment, is a huge no-no if you got rebonded hair. In fact, tying your hair is completely unadvisable for weeks after getting a rebond.

Past that, it’s not recommended to keep your hair tied either. If you tie your hair too tight, you’ll certainly see bends that wouldn't be present had you not tied your hair. In addition to this, the bends may remain permanent in your strands. This is because rebonded hair can easily conform to any shape or pressure that you subject it to. So if you want to maintain the straightness of your rebonded hair you should avoid tying it too tight.

2. Don’t use warm water on your strands

Warm water can actually damage your very fragile, very weak rebonded hair. If you're going to wash your hair make sure that you only use lukewarm water or cold water. The latter is more preferable especially if you're finishing up your shower. If you keep using warm water, this may make your rebonded hair even more prone to breakage than it already is.

3. Do use conditioner every time

Despite its sleek, luscious look, rebonded hair is still very vulnerable to becoming dry and brittle. A simple way to combat this is to use conditioner every time you shower. Actually, you should always use a conditioner whether or not you have rebonded hair. However, with rebonded hair, it’s only a must that you never skip your conditioner every time .

4. Don’t swim in the ocean or in a chlorine pool

You know that strong scent that you smell whenever you go near a swimming pool? That’s what you call chlorine. Chlorine is a strong disinfectant that is often used in swimming pools in order to maintain the water’s cleanliness. However, it's also very drying and it strips your hair of all its essential natural oils.

Seawater in the ocean is also quite damaging to rebonded hair. Since seawater has very high salt content it can dry out your hair in an instant. If you're going to the beach or to the swimming pool in less than two weeks after getting your hair rebonded, it's probably best to wear a swimming cap to protect your strands. Or better yet, you know, just don't go at all. There’s always next time. For now, taking care of rebonded hair should be your top priority.

5. Do use products for treated hair

It's necessary to only stick to products that are formulated for treated hair if you just got your hair rebonded. Products that are for regular hair may be too harsh on your fragile strands. Meanwhile hair products formulated for treated hair tend to be mild and gentle on your hair, giving you exactly what you need.

6. Don’t forget to do regular maintenance

Rebonded hair may seem low maintenance, but you still have to do your regular hair care routine. This involves the usual steps, such as washing your hair only a few times per week , using conditioner often, applying hair masks every now and then, and making sure that you have sunscreen on whenever you're going out under the sun.

7. Do avoid heat-styling tools

Rebonded hair, like any other chemical treated hair out there, is extremely prone to damage when placed under heat. If you can avoid heat styling tools on your rebonded hair especially if it's only been a month or two. Tools that use heat could damage and even break your hair. And as you know that kind of damage is often irreparable.

8. Don’t do any other chemical treatments

Thinking of getting your hair bleached or dyed after getting a hair rebond? Believe us, it's a bad, bad idea. Getting chemical treatments done on chemically weakened hair strands is a surefire way to get damaged hair. It’s just too much for your poor locks, sadly.

Taking care of rebonded hair may not be so easy, but it’s absolutely worth it! For more hair articles, don’t forget to check out our ZALA blog!

December 03, 2019
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