Summer Hair Care

When the heat is high and you're pretty much living at the beach or pool during summer, it's important to look after your locks correctly! Fight the frizz and keep your tresses healthy with our top summer hair care tips.

summer hair care



As much as we love the sun, UV rays are not only super damaging on your skin but also your hair when left unprotected. So, it's important to opt for hair care that contain UV protectant properties! Otherwise, if you can't get your hands on products as such, a wide brimmed hat will do the trick. These will help keep your locks looking and feeling healthy all summer long.

summer hair care


One of the main causes of dry, damaged feeling hair is all that salt water or chlorine! Especially when combined with the harsh summer sun. So, to keep your tresses silky smooth, always make sure to rinse your hair with fresh water after swimming. This tip is also super important for you gals who wear tape hair extensions to prolong their lifespan during summer.


Our top summer hair care tip is to up the moisture! The best product to keep on hand during summer is a good leave in conditioner. You can even make your own by diluting your fave conditioner with a little bit of water in a spray bottle. Keep this in your beach bag and spritz a generous amount through your hair after rinsing with fresh water. This will keep your hair feeling super silky and help to reduce frizz when letting your locks air dry. We also love hair including hair oils and smoothing serums during summer for extra healthy hair.


Summer is the ideal time to give your locks a break from all that heat styling! Keep it cool and put down the blow dryer and flat iron! To keep the frizz at bay and reduce the heat, try styling your hair in cute heatless hairstyles when wet. Once dry, you'll be left with natural, beachy looking waves without the damage! Our fave heatless hairstyles during summer are loose, fishtail braids.


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January 16, 2017
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