Struggling to find the right shade of hair extensions? Zala can help!

Discovering the right shade of hair extensions to adorn your natural tresses is no easy feat. But fear not; Zala Hair Extensions is here to guide you on the path to hair heaven.

You read that right. Zala makes uncovering the hue of hair extensions that’s made for you more manageable than ever. We know you love to have your hair on point, and that’s our ultimate goal: unlocking your main character moment.

Prepare to be amazed as we share all there is to know about our extensive shade range and dive into our FREE color-matching service to upgrade your looks.

Understanding the Key to Seamless Extensions

Knowing your shade is the key to achieving a flawless and natural appearance with hair extensions, giving you a showstopping hair-do in almost an instant. Whether you’re looking to improve length and volume or add highlights, hair extensions colors cannot be underestimated.

And once you know your shade, you’ll always have this information handy whenever you’re shopping for Zala Hair Extensions. Produce a unified yet breathtaking transformation with faultlessly matched extensions that easily merge with your natural hair.

Prepare to be showered in compliments from those who lay eyes on you, enchanted by your immaculate hairstyle.

Explore Zala’s Shade Range

We pride ourselves on catering to the many colors of the mane rainbow, especially when it comes to celebrating the beauty of diversity. We know everyone is unique and has their own flavor, which is why we have a vast collection of over 20 glamorous hair colors meticulously crafted for all.

Whether you’re rocking a rich brunette, adopting the sun-kissed brilliance of blonde, or longing for the dimension of balayage, our hair extension color chart ensures you’ll uncover a hue that you’re obsessed with.

Come along with us on the ride to unleash your inner goddess with our array of hair hues. You won’t be disappointed!

All About Our Shade Match Service

Welcome to the world of Zala, where we’re all about making your hair dreams a reality! To make your life even easier, Zala offers a FREE shade match service that eliminates all the guesswork in finding the hue invented for you.

This service is a must-have for those looking to slay their hair game day in and day out. Our professional hair specialist are more than ready to analyze your natural hair color and recommend the superior Zala shade in just minutes.

Behind the Magic: How it Works

Using the shade match tool with Zala is quick and effortless. Not only will you receive an outstanding hair color, but our Zala hair specialists will guide you to the finest Zala hair extensions that’ll give your hair endless charm.

Here’s the scoop:
Head on over to our shade match webpage (
Snap three photos, capturing both the front and back in natural light
Tell us what products you are interested in
Get your personalized results in 30 minutes from a hair whiz straight to your inbox!

And there you have it! In just a few steps, you’re on the road to exquisite hair and a stunning new look that’ll catch constant stares.

My Experience with Zala’s Shade Match Tool

Let’s get into my journey with the shade match tool from Zala! As I sent in my photos with good, natural lighting and spilled a little about myself, in no time, a Customer Care Leader, Wyn, came to my rescue with a luxurious shade recommendation: Zala’s Midnight Brown #1C.

For a curly natural hair girly like myself, this deep chocolate hair color is guaranteed to give me the most seamless blend of the year! It can be challenging to get the right match, especially when searching online, but this is quite spot on, and my hair will love it.

And get this – the suggestions didn’t stop there. Wyn also hooked me up with the lowdown on the finest Zala Hair Extensions for me, from clips to ponytails, tape-ins, and weave-ins. Plus, some of their extensions come in both Vegan Keratin and 100% Remy Human Hair. I don’t know about you, but my toxic trait is thinking I need them all!

The customer service was top-notch, and I’m here to dish it out: if you give it a go, you won’t regret it!

Get a Confidence Boost with Zala

With Zala Hair Extensions, you can shop with pure confidence that you’ll receive top-quality hair extensions ready to slay in an excellent shade. This is your sign to get the hair you’ve always wanted, and our commitment to customer satisfaction means we’ve always got your back.

Don’t let shade matching hold you back from your best self. Say goodbye to mismatched extensions, say hello to innovation and our shade match tool, and experience the difference with Zala today.
February 13, 2024
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