Our Fave Barbie Tour Hairstyles

Barbie has dazzled us with her unmistakable charm, enchanting us through her exquisite fashion choices, unforgettable events, and an aura like no other. Yet, it’s the Barbie movie hairstyles that have us in a complete chokehold.

If you share our admiration for the majestic Barbie press tour hairstyles, you’re in for a treat. Get ready to immerse yourself into the posh world of 5 easy Barbie hairstyles, bound to become your signature look in no time.

Join us on this journey with Zala Hair Extensions by your side to bring these fashionable styles to actuality.

1. Margot Robbie’s Polished Middle Part

Margot Robbie graced the pink carpet with a dynamic middle part that spoke volumes at the Sydney, Australia movie premiere. With simplicity being the core of this look, this Barbie hairstyle radiated deep chicness that’s easy to emulate.

The secret lies in Zala’s Honey Blonde (#18) Halo Hair Extensions to achieve this signature look effortlessly. Offering a damage-free, clip-free, and glue-free solution that only takes 30 seconds to apply, you can smoothly channel the angelic Barbie allure with Zala Halo Hair Extensions.

Learn how to capture Margot Robbie’s Barbie-inspired elegance with these steps:
Step 1: Begin by parting the hair at the crown, securing it in a bun with a clip. Leave around an inch of hair flowing down from the hairline.
Step 2. Introduce Zala’s Halo Hair Extension in Honey Blonde (#18) into the equation by positioning the band over the bun, ensuring it rests just behind the inch of hair left down.
Step 3: Pull down the extension carefully at the weft to create a snug and comfortable fit.
Step 4: Release the bun, allowing it to unravel naturally. Use a brush or rat tail comb to create a seamless transition between your natural hair and the halo extensions.
With these steps, you’re well on your way to encapsulating Margot Robbie’s serene middle part, adopting the glamor of Barbie herself.

James Gourley/Getty Images

2. Playful 90’s Crimps from Margot Robbie

If fun ‘90s vibes are your thing, then Margot Robbie’s striking crimped side part is the perfect Barbie hairstyle to recreate. This structurally waved style appeared during the Barbie movie photocall in Mexico City, Mexico, skillfully embodying Barbie’s spirited and lively personality. And the best part? Embracing this lush look is a breeze thanks to Zala Hair’s Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions in Honey Blond (#18). These extensions offer the ultimate combination of style and security. With a painless application process, triple-weft lace, and sturdy clips, you’ll exemplify Margot Robbie’s iconic waves with ease.

Follow this step-by-step guide to infuse your look with this ‘90s Barbie era:
Step 1: Start by sectioning off the hair just above the ear, securing it neatly with a clip. The five-piece set in Honey Blonde (#18) is ideal for those seeking both length and volume.
Step 2: Position the two-clip piece along the part and confirm a secure hold by snapping the clip inward.
Step 3: Move another inch above the last section and turn to the 3-piece clip. Secure the middle clip and the remaining two for a swift blend.
Step 4: Moving up another inch, enter the 5-piece clip starting with the middle clip, and smoothly attach the remaining clips around your head.
Step 5: Focus on a section of hair about an inch above the ear on one side and attach the clip along the part. Mirror the same process to the other side an inch above the ear for the final clip.
Step 6: Gather the remaining top section of hair and brush downward to blend your natural hair with the clip in. To adopt that signature crimped texture, use a barrelled hair crimper from the base to the ends of the Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions and your natural hair.
You’re all set to exude that playful touch of Barbie nostalgia in Margot Robbie’s whimsical ‘90s waves with these efforts at your grasp.

3. America Ferrera’s Retro Wavy Side Part

Embark on a quest through time as we explore the elegance of old Hollywood waves adorning America Ferrera. This voluminous style emits intricacy and charisma, casting a captivating spell at the London, England Barbie movie premiere.

To replicate this lovely hairstyle, look no further than Zala Hair’s 9-piece Quadweft Clip In Hair Extensions in the shade Rich Mocha Brown (#4) – the epitome of length and thickness enhancement without damaging your natural hair. Attain a Barbie transformation in just minutes with an efficient application similar to using clip in extensions.

Capture America Ferrera’s voluminous waves with these simple steps:
Step 1: Start by sectioning off your hair from the lower regions, carefully working your way upward, and securing each section with a clip.
Take each clip in and place the clips along your parts, ensuring a snug fit by gently pressing them inward, beginning with the middle clip and working your way outwards.

As you reach the crown after placing each clip in, delicately unclip the upper portion of the hair and let it cascade freely.

To acquire the vintage wave hairstyle, curl your hair in small sections using a medium-sized barrel and secure the waves in place with a touch of flexible hairspray and well-placed clips.

Once you have completed your Barbie look, give your hair a gentle fluff to perfect those timeless waves.

You are destined to showcase the poise of America Ferrera’s Barbie charm effortlessly!

4. A Soft and Messy Up-Do from Alexandra Shipp

Alexandra Shipp stole the spotlight at the Barbie premiere in Los Angeles, California with her chic, vivacious updo. This hairstyle is pure sophistication and seamlessly exhibits Barbie’s beauty and aesthetic.

To unlock this look delightfully, all you need is Zala Hair’s One Piece Volumizer in the rich shade of Cinnamon (#8). This hairpiece will take your Barbie hairstyle to new heights, offering an instant fusion of volume, gloss, and buoyancy.

Succeed in carrying out Alexandra Shipp’s fluffy Barbie-inspired updo by following these steps:
Step 1. Start by sectioning off the two front strands of your hair, which will flow down cozily, and clip them away.
Step 2: Focus on the front portion of your hair, parting from ear to ear, and clip this section aside.
Step 3: Take the Zala One Piece Clip In Volumizer in Cinnamon (#8) and secure the middle clip by pressing inward at the part of your hair, followed by the remaining clips.
Step 4: With the volumizer firmly in place, brush the lower section of your hair upward, including the hairpiece and the rest of your natural hair, into a high ponytail.
Step 5: Encircle the ponytail with another elastic band to shape a fun, tousled bun.
Step 6: Style any loose strands with a curling iron to refine the look.

As you execute these steps, you’ll give off the dainty Barbie appeal that Alexandra Shipp accomplished so well.

5. Dua Lipa’s Sleek High Ponytail

Dua Lipa radiated sleekness with her trendy high ponytail at the glamorous Barbie premiere in London, England. Her look melded subtleness with a fresh, modern edge that we all know and adore.

If the allure of this Barbie ponytail hairstyle entrances you, gear up to recreate it with Zala Hair’s Clip In Ponytail Extension, exquisitely available in the shade Midnight Brown (#1C). This ponytail extension meticulously boasts unmatched comfort, relentless security, and a natural appearance.

Intrigued by the path to mastering Dua Lipa’s coveted Barbie ponytail style? The answer lies ahead:
Step 1: Set the stage for modification by gathering your natural hair into a sleek ponytail, using either hairspray or styling gel to tame and loose strands for a polished look.
Step 2: Secure your hair into a high ponytail at the desired elevation using an elastic band.
Step 3: With the Zala Clip In Ponytail Extension in Midnight Brown (#1C), precisely clip it in at the base of your natural ponytail.
Step 4: Drape the remaining smaller section of hair around the base of the ponytail for a firm grip. Use bobby pins to enhance the hold.
Step 5: Glide a comb through the ponytail, orchestrating a consistent blend between the extensions and your natural hair.
With our guidance, you’ll aptly seize the grace derived from Dua Lipa at the esteemed Barbie premiere.

Express the enchantment of being in a Barbie world with awe-inspiring tresses. No matter which Barbie-inspired hairstyle is your definition of perfect, rest assured that Zala Hair stands loyally by your side.
August 08, 2023
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