How To Keep Halo® Hair Extensions From Slipping And Other FAQs

Are you always adjusting your halo hair extensions? Some people complain that while they love their new halos, they’re always worried that it’s going to be slipping from their heads.

In today’s article, we’ll tell you how you can keep halo hair extensions from slipping. Plus, we’ll cover how to tighten halo hair extensions and address other frequently asked questions regarding halo hair extensions!


What are halo® hair extensions made of?

Halo hair extensions are made of the pretty much same things that clip-in hair extensions or tape-in hair extensions are made of.

The only difference is that instead of clips or tape, halo hair extensions have a wire in them that holds the entire extensions together. This wire is made of very strong nylon to make sure that it won’t break easily.

Is the wire visible?

If you put your halo hair extensions on properly, then the wire isn’t supposed to be visible. Plus, since it’s made of clear nylon, it’s supposed to blend into your hair color. This means that it won’t be too visible even if it happens to become exposed.

Will I feel the wire on my head?

No. The wires used in halo hair extensions are very light, so you won’t feel them sitting on your head.

Do halo hair extensions slip easily?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about halo hair extensions. Since they’re usually marketed as something that just sits on top of your head (which they technically are), many people think that this means they slip off easily.

The thing is, halo hair extensions aren’t exactly just “sitting” on your head. The wire actually wraps itself around the wedged area of your head, near the top of your nape. This area holds the occipital bone, which provides enough wedge for the wire to hold itself in place.

How to keep halo hair extensions from slipping?

So, need to know how to tighten a halo extension? And how to keep extensions from slipping? As mentioned above, halo hair extensions don’t actually slip off easily. Simply put, if you put your halo hair extensions properly, you won’t ever have to worry about it falling off.

How to put halo hair extensions on properly?

It’s pretty easy.

First, you take the wire band and place it over your head. The top part should be about 1 inch away from your hairline while the bottom part should be at the wedged area a few inches above your nape.

Once you’ve got it in place, simply pull your real strands over the halo hair extensions until they cover it completely.

And that’s it, you’re done! It’s basically just an easy, 2-step process.

What hairstyles can I do with halo hair extensions?

You can do any hairstyle you want with halo hair extensions, as long as you follow one condition: no hairdos that require tight, high ponytails.

Obviously, since the bottom part of the wire will be wedged at your occipital bone area, those kinds of hairstyles simply won’t work without a.) exposing the wire b) pulling out the whole hair extensions.

As you can see, using halo hair extensions is extremely easy and effective. You don’t have to worry about them accidentally slipping off your head, as long as you wear them properly!

Wondering how to keep clip in extensions from slipping? Check out our ZALA blog for your answer!

May 16, 2020
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