How To Fix Damaged Hair After Rebonding

So you did push through with your hair rebond. Congratulations on the new shiny and smooth–oh wait, what’s that? It didn’t go so well, you say?

Fret not, ZALA’s here to the rescue! Here are some helpful tips on how to fix damaged hair after rebonding. Hopefully, you can restore the 

Cut off your strands

Alright, we know, this sounds too cruel to all hair lovers out there. Unfortunately, it’s something that needs to be said. If your hair is damaged beyond repair, it makes sense to get a quick trim first before trying any reviving treatments on it. This way, you will get rid of all the damaged ends. This cannot be repaired by any means, so by cutting them off, you can finally start concentrating on the strands that you can still restore and repair.

Deep-moisturize your strands often

Damaged hair after rebonding can usually be identified by dry, limp strands. So obviously in this case, the best course of action would be to deeply moisturize your hair in order to restore much needed moisture. You can use both commercial hair masks as well as DIY hair masks for this, though of course, the latter would always be much cheaper. 

Always apply hair serum and sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have since rebonded hair, especially the damaged kind, is extremely vulnerable to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Not only can too much exposure to the sun strip off your hair’s natural oils, it can also further worsen the damage caused by all the chemicals in a rebonding treatment.

Go for regular smoothing treatments

Keratin treatments work very well if you want to smoothen your hair. Since our hair consists mainly of keratin, it only makes sense that bringing back keratin to our strands can greatly improve things, right? If your hair was damaged after rebonding, it’s especially important that you get regular smoothing treatments in order to make your hair more beautiful and lively.

Use hair extensions

Last but not the least, you can also hair extensions to improve the appearance of your hair. After all, there’s never a need to endure bad hair, not when you have amazing products at your disposal. We recommend some from our own collection, all guaranteed to be 100% human Remy hair extensions. You can use these hair extensions to cover up all the damaged parts too until your hair has finally grown back to its former glory.

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December 07, 2019
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