How to Choose the Right Hair Extension Length

There are many considerations to bear in mind when choosing your hair extensions. You need to think about what kind of extensions you want, the volume, the color, and the quality—and of course, the length. In fact, length is hugely important, as it makes a big difference to the end result.

So, what length of hair extensions should I get, you ask? Wondering how to choose hair extension length? Read on for everything you want to know about choosing the best hair extension length for you.

Hair Extension Length Guide

Measure Your Natural Hair

One of the most common questions that hair experts get to hear is: “How long of extensions should I get?” The short answer is that you’ll receive the best results if you choose extensions that are no more than four inches longer than your natural hair since this will produce the most natural results.

To measure your hair, place a measuring tape next to the middle of your ear (this is the level where you’ll install the extensions) and pull the tape to the end of your hair. If you have curly or wavy hair, you’ll need to pull your hair as straight as possible to gain an accurate measurement. Asking someone to help you can be useful!

Of course, if your hair is relatively short and you’ve been dreaming of extra-long extensions, this is still an option. Just know that your hair may not look quite as natural as when you stay within four inches of your current length. In this case, an alternative way to measure the length is to place the tape measure at the middle of your ear and mark the place where you want your hair extensions to reach.

Consider Your Height

Extensions of the same length can look quite different on two people of different heights. If you’re shorter than average, you’ll probably want to stick with extensions of between 12 and 16 inches. If you’re around average height, 20 to 24 inches is ideal. If you’re taller than average, consider 24 to 30 inches.

How You’ll Style the Extensions

The way you want to style your extensions will also impact the length you should choose. If you intend to keep extensions straight and just trim the ends at most, you’ll gain the full length of the extensions. However, if you want to layer or curl the extensions, add two inches — four inches for tight curls — as you’ll lose that much when you style the extensions.

Your Lifestyle

If you’ve always had short to medium-length hair, it may come as a surprise how much extra work having long hair is. You may find adding just a small amount of length is much more manageable. The exception to this is if you choose temporary or semi-permanent extensions and only use them on occasions. Clip-in and halo extensions are particularly quick and easy to remove, allowing you to go back to shorter hair.

Check the Before-and-After Pictures

You’ve probably seen plenty of pictures of people using hair extensions, but this doesn’t give you much idea of what the transformation is like. A better approach is to look for photos of the length you’re interested in. For instance, if you’re considering 18 inches, search for 18-inch hair extensions before-and-after images. If you think you’d like 14 inches, check 14-inch hair extensions before-and-after photos — and so on.

Hair extensions before and after

Choosing Length for Increasing Volume

Many people use hair extensions to increase the volume of thin hair rather than to gain length. If this is the case for you, it’s best to choose extensions that are just two inches longer than your natural hair. In addition, only add a few wefts or use low-volume extensions — adding too much volume will look unnatural.

Your Budget

If this is your first time purchasing hair extensions, you may feel like you should practice caution and opt for the shorter length you’re considering. This will allow you to save money since extensions are more expensive the longer you choose. On the flip side, it’s better to go too long than too short, as you can always trim extensions shorter, but there’s no way of gaining extra length. If there’s not much cost difference, it could be better to go with the longer option you’re considering.

With all this in mind, you no longer have to wonder, “What length extensions should I get?” Now it’s time to pick a hair extension brand. Some companies only offer a limited number of lengths. That’s not the case at ZALA!

Our hair extensions are available in seven different lengths, starting at 12 inches and going all the way to 30 inches. This allows you to achieve the exact look you want with the type of extensions you prefer.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about purchasing the wrong length — our extensions come with a money-back guarantee. If you realize you need a different length when the extensions arrive, just send them back to us without removing the seal, and we’ll ship you the right length.

October 08, 2021
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