Halloween Hair Series: Pink Deer Hair And Makeup Tutorial

Think we’re done with our Halloween hairstyles? Think again! Now that the best, the scariest, and most haunting costumes are in full display among the streets, there’s no way we’re backing down. After all, what better way to celebrate Halloween than rocking the best costume in town? 

In this tutorial, we’ve got a unique look that is guaranteed to turn heads and capture hearts this Halloween. The look that we’re going for in today’s Halloween Hair Series post is one of a mystical pink deer – an ethereal creature that captivates people with its beauty.

Without further ado, here’s our Pink Deer hair and makeup tutorial!

halloween pink deer makeup and hair tutorial

Pink Deer Hair and Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial is based on the pink deer hair and makeup tutorial by @make_you_blush3 on Tiktok.

1. Mystical locks

What do you think about when you hear the word “deer?” Beautiful brown skin, icon tip of the nose, and majestic antlers? Most people probably think of an innocent Bambi who can put the other deer to shame with her extra-long eyelashes and big eyes. But we’re not going for the typical look for this year’s Halloween party: the brown deer is out, and the magical pink deer is in.

The first step in achieving your mystical pink deer look is to choose the perfect hair extensions. We recommend the Zala Ice Queen Platinum in 20″ clip-in hair extensions, as the silvery-white strands will be a great foundation for your pink deer look later. These long locks will also add a mystical feel to your overall look.

2. Shampoo and Rinse

This tutorial requires the use of hair dye, so it’s best to prepare your hair extensions beforehand. You don’t have to shampoo and rinse them before applying the dye, but it’s highly recommended.

Shampooing your hair extensions isn’t that different from applying shampoo to your own hair. Just lightly soak your hair extensions in water, apply shampoo, and then rinse thoroughly.

Looking for the perfect shampoo to detangle your strands? We highly recommend our Froth on You Shampoo for Hair Extensions to give you shiny, silky, and clean hair throughout the day. This shampoo is specially formulated for hair extensions, but you can also use it on your natural hair. It doesn’t include sulfate and parabens, which means it can clean your hair thoroughly without harming your strands. Who would want to go around town with grime in their hair on Halloween night? Not us!

3. Mystical shades of blue: time to color it up!

It’s time to bring your costume up a notch! After prepping your extensions, the next step would be to dye them blue

First, comb the hair to detangle strands. We highly recommend the Zala Tangle Tamer to help you in detangling those locks. If you washed and shampooed your hair extensions, dry them overnight first before dyeing them to ensure they’re fully dry.

Second, divide the lower and upper layers of the hair extensions from the middle to help the dye spread more evenly. Apply the dye to the lower layer first using a coloring brush, and then put the upper layer back down and use the coloring brush to apply the dye to that section. Leave the dye on for a few minutes, as indicated on the packet. Lastly, wash the hair extensions and make sure to dry it properly before using it.

Voila! You’re now ready to rock Halloween with your new do!

4. Clip, clip, clip

You’re done shampooing and taking care of your extensions during the coloring process. What’s next? It’s time to clip on those mystical hair extensions!

Start by dividing your hair into smaller sections. You can use any type or brand of sectioning clips, but we highly recommend our Zala hair sectioning clips. You’ll immediately get two clips at a really affordable price! Talk about a bargain!

After you’ve sectioned them to your desired look, start clipping in the hair extensions to your hair.

5. Styling the locks: braids for days

Have you noticed that most princesses either completely put their hair down or have it braided in different styles? Like the true princess – or, shall we say, magical creature – that you are, you’ll also be braiding your hair extensions for this look.

Simply part your hair extensions and braid them separately into plaits. The braids will create a more natural and carefree vibe and will further highlight your beautiful blue hair. You can also leave separate strands and have them curl down along the sides of your cheek for a more dramatic effect. You can lightly curl loose strands using the 4-in-1 Cosmo Curling Wand, which comes in different wand sizes to fit all your hair needs.

Lastly, adorn the strands with various white flower and butterfly accessories to make it look more mystical. Shining, shimmering, and splendid indeed!

6. On Halloweens we wear pink

It’s finally time to use the pink swatches on your palettes! 

For this look, you will have to be really light with your base. Choose the fairest foundation shade for your skin tone and use it as your base. Next, instead of having chiseled jaws with a dark-colored bronzer, use pink cream. Sculpt your face with your brush with a pink shade like how you usually do with a bronzer. The goal here is to frame your face with pink, hence the name Pink Deer. After that, put on a few white dots across your cheekbones and along your forehead to mimic the deer look you’re going for.

For the eyes, aim for a wide-eyed, innocent look. Focus on making your eyelashes thick and dark, and make sure to do wing-tips with your eyeliner.

Don’t forget to put a dash of dark on the tip of your nose and swipe of bright pink on your lips to finish the look. You can also pop in light blue contact lenses to really tie the look together.

Ta-da! Welcome to All Hallow’s Eve, mystical pink deer. You’re now ready to glam over the town this Halloween.

Pink Deer Makeup and Hair Tutorial

And that’s it for our Pink Deer makeup and hair tutorial! Whew, who knew transforming from an ordinary human being to a mystical pink deer was this easy? Blue hair? Check. Pink make-up? Check. Flowers and butterflies adorning your braids? Check. All you have to do is grab your antler headbands, and you’re now ready to show the new face of Halloween!

Did you like this Pink Deer makeup and hair tutorial? For more Halloween Hair tutorials, don’t forget to check out our ZALA blog!


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