Grow your hair stylists business with Zala Hair Extensions

Are you wondering how to turn your passion for freelance hairstyling into a widely successful business or side hustle? The beauty industry beckons, but breaking through can be a daunting experience.

If you want to stand out in the competitive market, attract an endless amount of clients, and elevate your artistry, here’s your secret weapon: Zala Hair Extensions. Not only are we here to assist with the transformation of looks, but we are also here to help with your freelancing venture.


In this know-all guide, we’ll unravel all we have to offer as well as secrets to growing your hairstyling business one hair extension at a time. Curious to uncover the art of flourishing as a freelance stylist or building a side hustle with Zala Hair Extensions by your side? Let the discovery begin.

Style With Our Semi-Permanent Products

Step into a world of effortless hairstyling with Semi-Permanent Extensions from Zala Hair Extensions, meticulously composed for beauty professionals like you.

Within our collection for experts, we present to you Zala Tape In Extensions and Weft Extensions. As gateways to enhanced creativity, you’ll redefine your approach to hairstyling!

Zala Tape In Extensions

There’s a realm of unparalleled styling when you choose Zala’s Invisible Tape In Hair Extensions. Unlike other application methods, these extensions scream convenience, taking as little as 30 minutes to apply and lasting up to 8 weeks with proper care.

Here’s what makes them your go-to choice:
Invisible Perfection: Our human hair extensions sit flush against the head, providing an entirely undetectable and natural look.
Affordable Luxury: When clients buy hair extensions online, you must know that these are more affordable than other semi-permanent methods. Deliver outstanding results without breaking your client’s budget.
Extensive Shade Range: With up to 24 shades, including balayage options, you can create custom looks. Feel free to mix and match shades to get the look your clients want with accuracy.
Premium Quality: Formulated from 100% Remy Human Hair, tape extensions from Zala Hair Extensions stand out as some of the highest quality in the market.
Variety of Lengths: Tailor your services efficiently with a range of lengths of tape in extensions going from 12-26 inches.

Zala Weave-In Weft Extensions

For professional styling where skill meets nicety, Weave-In Extensions holds its weight up to seamless elegance. Boasting a lifespan of around 6-8 weeks, they’re perfect for that added length and volume to your client’s hair.

Here’s why professional stylists opt for Zala:
Gentle and Versatile: These extensions are a soft yet versatile addition that allows clients to execute longer, fuller hair without compromising the hairline or ends.
Safe With Freedom to Style: Ideal for those with damaged or weak hair, these are a great choice. Curl, cut, style, and dye our weft extensions so clients can keep their natural hair’s integrity.
Quality Construction: Our weft extensions come as 33-inch-wide straight hair weaves. They are double-drawn and triple-wefted, providing thick, healthy ends without the need to layer pieces.
Professional Application: Professional application is highly recommended for prime outcomes; that is where your expertise comes in. The braiding and sewing methods ensure long-lasting results, while the beaded technique is perfect, too. Zala Hair Extensions is happy to offer the necessary tools to complete it!
Length Options: Supply your clients with the finest look with lengths available from 12-24 inches.


Revolutionize your salon with our products, offering both style and dedication to healthy and versatile hair transformations.

We’re Your Ultimate Business Partner

With over 10 years of expertise in the hair industry, Zala Hair Extensions stands as a top supplier, making us the ultimate ally for your styling or salon business.

Our extensions have found a home across some of the most reputable salons and within stylists’ sessions throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

From styling popular celebrities to social media icons, our effect is felt across the industry.

A Stylist’s Guide to Choosing the Right Shade

Selecting a shade for your clients has never been more thrilling than it is with Zala Hair Extensions. With various lengths and up to 24 shades at your fingertips, the choices are endless.

The selection also expands further with options for curly and straight styles! To guide your decisions, we provide you with a complimentary color wheel. And if you’re ever uncertain, our free shade match service is at your disposal.

Our Commitment to Supporting Stylists

At Zala Hair Extensions, our commitment is crystal clear: delivering the best value that empowers stylists like you. Immerse yourself in our products’ richness that lets you become your best creative self beyond measure.

We’re here to ensure that every selection easily aligns with your client’s natural hair. With 100% Remy Human Hair, a diverse shade range, and a collection of lengths, you’ll have tons of flexibility to make your clients happy with whatever style they pick.

How We Can Transform Your Stylistic Career

Unlock exclusive benefits tailored to your styling or side hustle success.

As a verified Zala Hair Extensions hairdresser, you’ll enjoy these premier perks:
Wholesale Prices: Purchase extensions at wholesale prices, optimizing your profit and offering unbeatable prices to your clients. Listing on Our Stockist Page: Enhance your visibility by being listed on our stockist page and connecting with potential clients who want your services.
Access to VIP Sales: Get first dibs on sales to stock up on your favorite Zala Hair Extension products.
First Access to New Products: Stay ahead with early access to the latest trends so your salon always has the trendiest items.
And more!

Elevate your career today with Zala Hair Extensions – where professional benefits meet a busy salon and out-the-door bookings. Whether you’re running a bustling salon or doing it on the side, our solutions quickly meet your career goals. Register today!
December 09, 2023
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