Celebrity Short vs Long Hair

We’re all familiar with getting a drastic haircut, but what about the opposite? In this blog, we’ll look at some of our favorite celebrities who have gone from short to long hair. Plus, we’ll suggest which hair extensions you can use to recreate their looks!

1. Beyoncé

Short Hairstyle: Bob with curtain bangs VS Long Hairstyle: Superstar Mermaid Lengths

First on our list is none other than Queen B! She’s not only known for her powerful voice and killer dance moves but also for her iconic hair. Her short hairstyle, a bob with curtain bangs, was cute, trendy, and chic. But her long mermaid locks take the cake! Her super-long hair cascades past her shoulders, with subtle waves adding movement and texture.

To recreate this look, we suggest using Zala’s 24’’ Clip-ins, the best real hair clip-in extensions, which will give you the length, volume & thickness needed to flaunt a show-stopping long hairstyle like this.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Short Hairstyle: Pixie JLaw VS Long Hairstyle: JLaw with Hair Extensions

JLaw is no stranger to changing her hairstyles for different movie roles, including everything from sleek updos to wavy bobs. But her short pixie cut was a drastic and memorable change. This bold look showed off her striking features while adding an edgy vibe to her overall style.

While the pixie looked great on JLaw, her long hairstyle using extensions looked even more stunning. Her long locks added glamor and sophistication to her look, while the loose waves and layers created a soft, romantic feel.

Want to recreate JLaw’s long hairstyle? Use Zala’s 16’’ Halo. The Halo will blend seamlessly with your natural hair, giving you the length and volume you need to recreate this gorgeous hairstyle.

3. Rihanna

Short Hairstyle: Pixie Cut VS Long Hairstyle: Riri’s long, voluminous look

It’s no secret that Riri is a style icon who’s not afraid of experimenting with her looks! Her most iconic haircut to date was her pixie cut. This daring look emphasized her sharp cheekbones and drew attention to her expressive eyes. But she stunned everyone when she went from a pixie to gorgeous long, voluminous hair!

Rihanna’s super-long hair is truly unforgettable. The longer mane flowing down her back adds a touch of glamor to her iconic style. The movement and texture are also noteworthy.

If you want to make this hairstyle your own, we recommend using Zala 30’’ Clip-in Hair Extensions. These extensions are perfect for making your hair longer and fuller in minutes.

4. Zendaya

Short Hairstyle: Hollywood Bob Cut VS Long Hairstyle: Long Ponytail Style

From her role in Spider-Man to her red-carpet appearances, Zendya has always impressed us with her fashion choices. Her Hollywood bob cut was simple yet stylish. It made her look chic and sophisticated. But we love her long ponytail style more than anything else!

Zendya pulled her long hair into a sleek ponytail with soft waves and sharp ends, adding beautiful movement and texture. To recreate this look, try using Zala 16’’ Ponytail Hair Extensions.

5. Vanessa Hudgens

Short Hairstyle: Side-parted Bob VS Long Hairstyle: High-glamor, shoulder-length curls

Lastly, we have Vanessa Hudgens! The American actress and singer has tried everything from sleek bobs to messy updos, but one of her most iconic hairstyles was the short side-parted bob.

Most people appreciated Vanessa’s move from the short side-parted bob to the high-glamor, shoulder-length curls. And we couldn’t agree more that she looked gorgeous, flaunting beautiful, long curls cascading down her shoulders. The long, voluminous, thicker curls gave Vanessa a more romantic and feminine vibe.

If you’re inspired by Vanessa’s high-glamor shoulder-length curls and want to recreate this look, we suggest you try it with Zala 12’’ Halo Extensions.

The celebrities featured above have shown us that sometimes the best way to switch up your look is by adding length and volume to your locks. Whether you’re looking for a romantic and feminine look like Vanessa Hudgens or a sleek and sophisticated style like Zendaya, Zala Hair Extensions has your back!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to rock those long locks with Zala Hair Extensions, and use the code CELEB at checkout for $10 OFF ALL HAIR EXTENSIONS!
*Applies only to Hair Extensions.
March 24, 2023
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