Can You Wear Halo Extensions With Very Short Hair?

Many of us get a short haircut such as a bob or pixie only to regret it later simply because our ideal hair length keeps changing. If you’re in this position, don’t worry—there’s a quick fix to add length and volume to short hair. The answer is hair extensions!

Yes, hair extensions provide you with a great solution to make your hair look longer, more voluminous, and thicker. But before you scramble to place your order, keep in mind that there are many different types of hair extensions out there. It’s best to determine beforehand the type of extensions suitable for your hair.

The common types include clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, and halo extensions. You can use clip-ins and tape-ins with short hair. But can you wear halo extensions with very short hair? Or, are there halo hair extensions for very short hair? 

Unfortunately, halo extensions and very short hair do not fare very well. Traditionally, halo extensions are made for thick or medium-thick hair below shoulder level. Halos are not great for short hair because you need more wefts and hair density to perfect blend. And that’s not easy to achieve with very short hair.

But still, you can give it a shot and use specific tips and tricks to achieve a blend that looks natural.

Blend hair extensions with short hair

Hair Thickness and Cutting

The thickness of halo hair extensions plays a significant role in determining if you can wear them with your short hair. When buying halo wefts, be sure to check their thickness. Are the wefts fine, medium-thick, or thick?

The trick here is to choose hair that matches the thickness of your natural hair. In this way, it will blend well with your hair and look natural.

But can you wear medium-thick or thick halo extensions with very short hair?

Yes, as long as you cut and customize the medium-thick extension to match your hair length and style. If you’ve cut the weft to the correct length, then it can blend naturally with very short hair. 

Another trick is to thin out the ends of your hair. Doing so will help the wefts blend properly with your hair and look as natural and unnoticeable as possible. 

Keep in mind that we do not recommend thick halo extensions for very short hair, especially if your natural hair is on the fine or medium-thick side. That’s because thick halos are designed for thick hair that is longer than shoulder length. They don’t conform to very short hair.

Sectioning Your Hair

While cutting the extensions to match your hair is vital, sectioning your hair is more important because you have little hair to work with when applying and styling the halo wefts. Proper sectioning will help you seamlessly blend your halo extensions and your very short hair. 

Halo wefts are typically installed from your right ear to your left ear. However, very short hair means you’ve little opportunity to conceal the sharp ends. To get around this situation, you can make the top and bottom hair portions extra uniform so that the final finishing looks more natural.

Pre-Styling the Wefts

For very short hair, it’s a good idea to pre-style the halo hair extensions. Remember that layering is crucial for making any hair extensions appear more natural. On top of that, the texture achieved through layering will add more volume to hide the blunt edges of very short hair.

But remember that you must take your halo extensions to a hairdresser for pre-styling because if you decide to DIY, you could end up damaging the extensions or making poor cuts. And unlike your hair, the hair on the wefts does not grow back.

After Installing the Halo

After the halo is installed and held securely in place, use the top segment of your hair to hide as much of the wire as possible. You can use a loop brush or wide-toothed comb to blend the top portion and gently pull more strands from the bottom segment through the band or wire and above the halo to give the extensions a more natural look.

If you find that your halo extension simply isn’t working with your short hair, allowing your cut to grow out just a bit will yield better results, so don’t give up!

Halo extensions before and after
December 20, 2021
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