A Guide to Halo Hair Extension Placement

Hair extensions come in many different forms and shapes. Tape-ins and clip-ins are the most popular extension types, but they’re not suitable for very thin or fine hair. These extensions increase the risk of damage to your already delicate hair. So, how can you have long, luscious, and fuller hair if your hair is thinner? Well, in that case, halo extensions have your back. 

A halo extension doesn’t require adhesive or clips for installation. Instead, it comes as a single, large piece of hair weft with an invisible wire that holds the hairpiece securely on your head like an angel’s halo. Since the extension doesn’t attach to your hair, you can rest assured your ultra-fine hair won’t be exposed to any risk.

Keep in mind that not all halo extensions are created equal. For the best results, always read through halo hair extensions reviews and buy only real human hair halo wefts from a reputable brand. Zala halo extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair. They look entirely natural and blend beautifully with your hair. 

Wondering how to place halo hair extensions? Let’s have a look!

How to Place Halo Extension

Follow the steps given below to install your human hair halo extension:

Step 1: Start by wetting and drying the weft. (Avoid shampooing it, however.) Allow the weft to air dry completely. The wetting and drying process will make the extension look more voluminous. Second, you may take the extensions to your hairdresser for professional cutting if needed. 

Step 2: Take the outer layer of your hair and pull it into a top knot while leaving a few broad sections loose at the front for face-framing. This step is optional, but it makes the blending process easier and gives your hair a natural look.

Step 3: Hold the weft on your head while ensuring that the wire is an inch away from your forehead. Now, press down the rear of the extension so it perches securely in place. 

Step 4: Next, open the top knot you created in step 2. The hair will cover the halo extension. Conceal the weft and the wire by covering it with enough hair. You can use a tail comb for this purpose. 

Step 5: Use a loop brush to properly blend the extension with your hair so it looks as natural as possible. 

Once you’ve installed your halo extension, it’s time to style it.

How to Style Halo Extensions

Halo Extensions add enough volume and length to your hair so you can pull your hair into many different styles. In fact, styling halo hair extensions is super easy because you don’t have to worry about tapes or clips.

Here’re some beautiful halo hair extension styles that you may want to try.

1. Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves are a lovely hairstyle, and you can quickly achieve them with halo extensions. The curls complement any outfit, be it a suit or casual dress. This chic style adds a simple yet composed effect to your hair. You can rock mermaid waves for all occasions, from a date night to an official event.

2. Sleek Low Ponytail

Can you put halo extensions in a ponytail? Of course, you can! Want to pull your halo weft into a sophisticated retro style? Try out the sleek low ponytail! This cute and sexy hairstyle is super easy to create with a halo. Simply gather your hair at the nape of your neck and pull it into a ponytail. Put an elastic band around the ponytail, and you’re good to go.

3. Beach Waves

The beach waves may seem tricky to create, but pulling your hair into this gorgeous style is pretty easy. The flirty and glamorous vibe suits all face shapes and hair types. However, it looks impressive on long, thick, and fuller hair. Flaunt this hairstyle with a halo extension for those with thin or short hair.

4. Twists

Twists look super adorable and dressy when your hair has enough volume and length. The best part is that it is a versatile yet easy style that you can wear in many different ways. You can wear it sleek or messy, depending on your taste and the occasion. Also, you can leave some hair loose at the back or tie it into a ponytail. In any case, this hairstyle will give you a gorgeous and classy look. 

ZALA Halo Extensions

Want to add length and volume to your hair without having clips or adhesive in your hair? Consider Zala halo extensions that are easy to install and pull into your favorite hairstyles. 

Made from 100% Remy human hair, our halos look natural and blend perfectly with your natural hair. Each hair strand in the weft is super thick, soft, and silky from top to bottom. 

Check out Zala halo extensions now. Choose a shade that matches your hair, and place your order online! 


April 06, 2022
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