A Beginner’s Guide to How Hair Extensions Work

Girl! Life is WAY too short to wish time away waiting for your hair to GROW! It can take years (and years and years) for you to grow your hair to the length you want. Plus, if you are a little impulsive, don’t worry you’re not alone there, you may even self-sabotage and decide to cut your hair, meaning you have to start the growing process allll over again.

BUT you can have the gorgeous, flowing locks your banging personality deserves… like right now. You don’t have to wait for it sis, we’ve got you. The solution is hair extensions. And they have honestly never been easier or more accessible!

They allow you to have the length you are obsessing over at the moment, plus you can switch it up as much as you want. Long hair can be drool-worthy, but it can also be a pain in the backside - so you can have a little Hannah Montanna moment and get the best of both worlds with Zala.

Ok you’re sold, wanna know more about how they work? Read on!

Who Can Use Hair Extensions?

Virtually anyone can wear extensions! You don’t need to be an insta model, or a celebrity hair stylist, you don’t even need to be particularly skilled at styling your own hair! There are soo many types of hair extensions - some you can install yourself at home, others you take to your hairdresser to put in for you. For most types, all you need is natural hair that is long enough to attach the extensions (ie. longer than 4-5 cm). Once you have those extensions in, your hair will be instantly longer, thicker and look healthier too!

What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

Alrighty, it’s decision time! With so much choice on the Zala Website - how do you know exactly which type of hair extension is right for you? Some are semi-permanent, some are temporary! The right choice for you really depends on whether you want to wear them every single day, most days, or just occasionally.


The most popular type of permanent hair extensions are tape-in extensions! You can purchase these beauties from our online store and take them to your hairdresser or a hair extension specialist for installation. They use tape tabs, so no heat required, and are less damaging for your hair than extensions that are glued onto your hair - which is why they are becoming super popular.

They also attach further down your hair, rather than to your roots. This means they grow out with your hair, and you’ll need to have them rebalanced/retaped every 6-8 weeks. The same extensions are used to do this, and can be reused for up to 9+ months if cared for correctly.

Tape Extensions can be purchased here: https://www.zalacliphairextensions.com.au/hair-extensions/tape-hair-extensions 


Attached by a removable clip to your natural hair, clip-in extensions also prevent damage to your hair. They are slightly more versatile than tape-in extensions, as you can take them out quickly whenever you want. Clip-in extensions can last anywhere from three months to more than twelve months, depending on how often you use and care for them.

Clip in extensions can be purchased here: https://www.zalacliphairextensions.com.au/hair-extensions/ 


The most versatile type of extensions of all are halo extensions. These are attached to an invisible wire that you place on top of your head. You can keep using the same hair extensions for about three to twelve months — perhaps more if you only wear them on occasions.

Halo extensions can be purchased here: https://www.zalacliphairextensions.com.au/hair-extensions/halo-hair-extensions-zala-human-remy 


Extensions with microlinks use tiny metal tubes that attach wefts to your natural hair. They last between three and four months.


As the name suggests, sew-in extensions involve using a needle and thread to braid wefts into your natural hair. Once installed, they last six to eight weeks. As your hair grows, the braid will sit lower and lower on your head, making it difficult to style your hair. You will need to go back to your hairdresser to have them removed and put back in.

Flat Track

The flat track application is actually the same as a weave application, except instead of using a braid in your natural hair, microbeads are used to form a “track” and the weft is sewn into this. A flat track will sit a little flatter than a weave, as no bulky braids are used. You will still need to return to your hairdresser to have them removed and put back in after six to eight weeks.

Wefts for these options can be purchased here: https://www.zalacliphairextensions.com.au/hair-extensions/weft-bundles-weave-in-extensions 

How to Put in Hair Extensions

How to Put in Hair Extensions

The process of installing hair extensions depends on the type you choose. Halo extensions are the easiest of all, taking mere seconds. Clip-in and tape-in extensions are also easy to install yourself — it’s just a matter of attaching wefts to the right place in your natural hair. If you choose fusion, pre-bonded, sew-in, or micro-link hair extensions, though, you’ll need to go to a professional hairdresser to have them applied properly. Sew-in extensions take the longest of all — sometimes as much as several hours.

Choosing the Right Hair Extensions

In addition to the type of hair extensions you want, there are a few more considerations to bear in mind to make sure you choose the right extensions.

Remy Hair

The best quality hair extensions are made from Remy human hair. They have a superior texture and appearance compared to other types of extensions. Remy means all the cuticles are facing the same way, like your natural hair cuticles do.


Always follow the recommendations about how many wefts you need. The wrong volume can make your hair look unnaturally thick or too sparse. Your hairdresser will select the right amount of tapes/weave in extensions. The beauty of clip-ins is you can use as many or as little as you need!

Color Match

Ask a professional what color extensions would match your natural hair. While some can be colored, many have already undergone coloring processes and you won’t want to overprocess the strands.

Did you know Zala has a complimentary colour match service? Get yours done now for FREE girl, PLUS you’ll get $5 off your order if you choose to make one: https://www.zalacliphairextensions.com.au/color-match-service 


Read the reviews left by other customers before you buy. You need to be sure the company is selling high-quality extensions in the colors they promise.

The hair extensions from ZALA are made from 100% Remy human hair and come in a range of lengths and volumes, allowing you to achieve the exact look you want. To ensure you choose the same color as your natural hair, take advantage of our free color matching service before you buy.

September 21, 2021
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