6 Common Hair Extension FAQs, Answered

Hair extensions are a great way to flaunt long, luscious, thicker hair. But there are many questions about extensions that many women have before trying them. We want to answer your questions, but before we do that, let us tell you that Zala hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair. They mimic the look, feel, flow, and direction of your natural hair.

Our extensions are made from hair collected from healthy donors and then processed and preserved to develop them into high-quality products with a natural texture and longer life span. 

And even though Zala extensions feature the quality, feel, and look of natural human hair, there are certain things you need to be careful about (as with all other premium-quality extensions). 

Also, remember that different hair extensions have to be treated in different ways. This post answers the common FAQs that apply to most hair extensions. So, read on and get your answers!

1. Are there any shampoos and conditioners that are better for hair extensions?

Remy human hair goes through an extensive processing mechanism before developing into extensions. It has to be washed with the right shampoo and treated with the right conditioner.

You must ensure that your shampoo and conditioner are free of harsh chemicals. It’s always good to choose a non-toxic formula, such as shampoos and conditioners made from natural and gentle ingredients. Many shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals like alcohol, parabens, and sulfates. These chemicals are not safe for your extensions as they can affect the hair quality, texture, and color. Plus, they can make the hair dry, leading to split ends, tangling, and hair thinning.

2. How can I smooth my frizzy hair extensions?

The best way to smoothen your frizzy hair extensions is by using a nourishing serum or oil. These products make the hair strands soft, silky, and shiny.

The nourishing oil or serum penetrates the hair cuticles, hydrating and promoting health and vitality. But make sure not to use more than three drops of oil each time. 

3. Can I apply hair spray on extensions?

You can apply hair spray on your extensions, but only when necessary. Just be sure never to use hair sprays containing dangerous chemicals. Instead, go for gentle products on your hair explicitly formulated for extensions. Also, ensure that the spray is not flammable because many hair sprays can catch fire on the market.

4. Can I use a heat protectant on hair extensions?

Applying a heat protectant to hair extensions is safe and highly recommended. That’s because direct heat exposure can damage your hair extensions. Unlike your natural hair, your extensions don’t get your scalp's essential oils, nutrients, and hydration. This makes them highly susceptible to heat damage. 

Make sure to avoid exposing your extensions to heat as much as possible. Use heat tools only as a last option after applying a heat protectant to your extensions. And don’t forget to keep the heat tool’s temperature at a low setting to prevent heat damage to the wefts.  

5. Can I apply texturizing products to hair extensions?

Yes, you can use texturizers on human hair extensions, but make sure to choose a spray instead of a powder. Also, ensure that the product is light and gentle, as you don’t want product build-up that can affect the look of your extensions.

Texturizers help defrizz and soften your hair, removing curls and tangles and making your hair more manageable. However, don’t leave the product in your extensions for more than five minutes.

6. Can I color my hair extensions?

Yes, you can dye your Remy human hair extensions but only in the same shade or a darker color. It’s not good to dye your extensions in a lighter shade. You’ll most possibly need bleach to go for a lighter color, which can damage the hair strands and cuticles. 
If you’re looking for the finest quality Remy human hair extensions, Zala has you covered. We offer many different types of extensions at unbeatable prices. Our extensions are available in multiple lengths, shades, and densities. 

Check out our human hair extensions and buy the best one for you!
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June 09, 2022
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