4 Hair Extension Myths & The Truth Behind Them

Hair Extension Myths
Hair extensions are popular among women because they are the quickest way to get longer, luscious, and thicker hair. They are available in multiple types, shades, lengths, and volume options. No matter what type of extensions you choose, it’s crucial to ensure they’re made of real human hair. Otherwise, they wouldn’t look entirely natural or blend properly with your hair.

While hair extensions are a great savior when you’re having a bad hair day, there’s a lot of misinformation that can keep you from making a choice. This post will uncover some common myths about extensions and discuss the truth behind those misconceptions.

Myth#1: Hair Extensions Result in Thin and Damaged Hair

This myth has been around since the first hair extensions were created. But the truth is that you don’t have to worry about damaged or thin hair when you choose your extensions after taking your hair type into account. For example, if your hair is on the thin side, use tape in or Halo extensions. On the other hand, clip-in extensions work best for medium to long hair. 

Also, hair extension methods that involve heat or glue for application may damage fine hair. You should go with tape-ins or low-density clip-ins if your hair is on the delicate side. But if your hair is thick and short, you can wear clip-in or tape-in wefts without worrying about hair damage. Halo extensions are the best for ultra-thin or fine hair as they don’t attach directly to your hair. Plus, they can be easily applied and removed at home.

Myth#2: Hair Extensions Will Cost You a Fortune

Remy human hair extensions are undoubtedly more expensive than synthetic wefts. But you don’t have to break the bank to wear a set of high-quality human hair extensions. Zala brings premium-quality Remy human hair extensions at very reasonable price options. We have something for everyone because we believe every woman deserves to flaunt beautiful hair without spending a fortune. 

It may seem overwhelming to figure out just how much hair extensions cost with so many options to consider. The good news is Zala extensions start at $60 per set (clip-ins)! The prices depend on the extension type, length, and volume. Check out our hair extension prices, and you’re sure to be stunned by how affordable they are.

Ultimately, the key to buying good quality extensions at a reasonable price is to research and find a trusted and reliable brand that won’t cost a fortune.

Myth#3: Hair Extensions Won’t Blend With Your Natural Hair

This is true for synthetic extensions. But when it comes to real human hair extensions by Zala, they blend perfectly with your natural hair so that nobody can tell if you’re wearing wefts. The hair strands are silky-smooth from top to bottom, which helps them mix beautifully with your hair. Our Remy human hair extensions have the cuticles intact, which further promotes a natural blending.

As long as you choose the right set of extensions for your particular hair type and install them perfectly, you’ll not experience any issue with blending. Plus, choose a shade that’s as close to your natural hair color as possible. 

With a bit of practice, you’ll learn to install and blend clip-in extensions in the perfect way possible. But for tape-ins, be sure to go to a salon for professional installation and seamless blending.

Myth#4: Hair Extensions Are High Maintenance

Not all hair extensions are high maintenance. Clip-in extensions don’t require you to visit a salon for adjustments or installation. Simply clip the wefts in your hair, style them to your liking, and you’re ready to rock your long and luscious hair. The same holds for Halos and ponytail extensions

But when it comes to tape-ins or other sophisticated extensions, you have to visit a salon every three to four weeks to move the extensions up a bit, as your natural hair growth can loosen them over time. If you take proper care of the extensions, they’ll stay in good condition. 

Also, hair extensions don’t require frequent washes because they don't get oily, unlike your natural hair. After all, the wefts are not attached to your scalp. 

Hair Extensions by Zala

Now that we’ve debunked the common myths, you may want to try a set of hair extensions by Zala. Add length, volume, and thickness to your hair with our 100% Remy human hair extensions.

Check out Zala hair extensions collection and place your order now.

Our extensions are available in multiple shades, lengths, and volume options. 
May 11, 2022
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