How to Wear Hair Extensions With Hats

Can I wear a hat with hair extensions? The answer is YES; you can wear your extensions with a hat -- as long as you wear it correctly! Caps and extensions work perfectly together to make a fashion statement. And they make you look super cute in any social setting. 

But if you’re new to the trend, it can be tricky to wear your hat with your hair extensions. Don’t worry, because, in this post, we’ll tell you everything you want to know about wearing hair extensions with hats.

Wear Hair Extensions with Hats

Extension Type and Placement

First, know that you can wear your hat with any hair extension, including tape-ins, clip-ins, and halos. But we recommend you wear a hat with clip-in extensions since they’re temporary wefts, and you don’t have to worry about them sliding down or damaging your hair. 

But it is vital to know how to apply clip-in hair extensions, so they go perfectly with a hat. Make sure to clip the wefts just below the top of your head so the cap can fit your hair and fit in with the extensions. Also, it’s good to pick an adjustable hat that you can loosen or tighten, depending on what you feel comfortable with, and avoid causing friction against the extensions.

Hat Size

Since hair extensions add volume and thickness to your hair, you’ll want to wear a large hat to accommodate the extra dimensions without applying unwanted pressure on the wefts. A 59cm M/L hat works just perfect for most women.

A hat that is a little bit larger for your head works best with hair extensions and is a perfect option for women with curly or thick hair. If you’ve got a hat that feels tight or uncomfortable to wear, we recommend you get a new adjustable M/L size hat. The versatile inner band allows you to adjust the hat to your (and your extensions’) comfort level.

Head Shape

Sometimes, even the correct size of hat may not fit your head. That’s because every person naturally has a unique head shape. It is essential to try many different hats to find the one most suitable for your head shape. This step is crucial, mainly because you want to wear your hat with hair extensions.

Wear Your Hat in the Halo Style

If your hat doesn’t sit comfortably over your hair extensions, try to wear it in the halo style -- on the top of your head. This way, you’ll look more stylish and elegant. Also, you’ll feel more comfortable because the hat fits better when worn at the narrow part of your head than wearing it straight across your brow. The best part is that it will give your face an adorable frame.

Hat Material

It is not a good idea to wear a hat made from thick fabric in the summer because it will cause excessive sweating and make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, choose a hat made of light material to prevent yourself from overheating since you’re already wearing hair extensions. But in the winter, you may choose a hat made from a thick material to keep your head warm. 

Avoid Pushing Your Hat Onto Your Extensions

Never pull your hat down on your wefts because it will cause the extensions to slide or come off. Instead, wear your hat gently. It’s great if you can wear it down without pulling. If it doesn’t, then wear it on the crown of your head (as explained above). 

Wear a Hat With ZALA Hair Extensions

Now that you know how to wear hair extensions with hats, it’s time to give it a practical shot. You can comfortably wear caps with our hair extensions by following the tips given above. Zala hair extensions are made from 100 percent Remy human hair, so they mimic your own hair's flow, direction, and movement and look fully natural. 

Have a look at our finest human hair extensions, choose a length and color for your hair, and place your order online.

April 22, 2022
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