Hair Extension Blending Hacks

Do you want perfectly blended, seamless and natural looking hair extensions? Then check out ZALA's top hair extension blending hacks. We have put together our best secrets for blending both clip in and tape extensions to get your hair looking chic, natural and perfectly blended!

Hair Extension Blending Hacks

hair extension blending hacks

Clip Ins

Hair extension blending hacks

The Twist

The shorter hairs around your neck can often be a tell tale sign when applying extensions. To ensure your extensions look one hundred percent natural and these shorter hairs don't poke out, you can use a bobby pin to twist them up and pin them at the nape of your neck. This is a super easy trick that will make all the difference when blending your extensions!

Hair extension blending hacks


This is another one of our favourite hair extension blending hacks! By parting and applying your hair extensions on an angle, you will allow for softer blending around your face. This creates a more natural look and is a create was to achieve layers with our cutting your extensions to blend!

Tape in

Hair extension blending hacks

Half Pieces

Cutting the tape pieces in half is another great way to blend your tapes. By creating these smaller pieces, you can add them more accurately around your face and the area near your ears that can be hard to apply to.

Hair extension blending hacks


Curling your hair is one of the best ways to ensure your natural hair blends with your extensions. To further this blending try pinning your curls up with a bobby pin and letting them cool down completely. This will set the curl in place and keep your extensions blended all day (or night) long!

If you need help choosing the perfect shade, have on of the ZALA experts colour match you to one of our many gorgeous shades! Simply send through a few photos of your hair in natural lighting (be sure to send a photo where your hair is down so we can see the colour from root to tip!).

ZALA Colour Match Found Here 

See out video guide to hair extension blending below!

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February 23, 2018
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