The ZALA Guide To Short Clip-In Hair Extensions

We always see long, thick, voluminous hair in shampoo and conditioner commercials. As common as it is to have pixie cuts and bobs, it seems like these commercials are stuck on one single image of how great hair should look.

But the truth is, not everyone dreams of having long, flowy hair. For some people, it just doesn’t fit their personality. In fact, there’s an entire community out there of people who prefer rocking their short hair.

zala guide to short clip-in hair extensions

Hair extensions for those who prefer short hair

While hair extensions technically exist to extend one’s hair length, that’s not to say that short-haired people automatically don’t like hair extensions.

However, hair extensions are not used just to give you length, but also to give you volume and thickness. That’s why some people may prefer keeping their hair short, but they still enjoy wearing short clip-in hair extensions every now and then.

Here at ZALA, we have 12-14 inch clip-in extensions that can serve this very purpose. If you’re one of those people who would love to use them for volume, here are some tips and tricks on how you can start adding short clip-in hair extensions to your short hair!

1. Comb your hair and make it sleek

To make sure that you will have a seamless result, you have to make sure that your hair is prepped and ready. You can even put on gel first to make your hair sleek.

The purpose of making your hair as sleek as possible is to let your strands blend as naturally as possible with your clip-in hair extensions once they’re applied. 

2. Correct sectioning

An essential part of applying hair extensions is sectioning. Sectioning your hair is done to know the layers where the short clip-in hair extensions will be applied. This is really crucial and will require trial and error to get the perfect sections.

There is no right or wrong way to section your hair, but one general rule to follow is that it shouldn’t be too wide because your natural hair might not be able to cover the extensions. When sectioning, always make sure that the top part of the section will be able to cover up the clip-ins.

3. Add layers for that extra volume

As mentioned earlier, clip in hair extensions are not just used to add length. Some people with really short hair (and we mean bob cut short!) still use hair extensions to add volume to their hair.

How to add volume using hair extensions? Slowly add in layers after applying each piece! Try adding one piece to a specific section, and if you’re still not satisfied with it, you can try putting another one on top of it. The trick here is to properly gauge the current volume and slowly make changes along the way.

4. Single wefts for stand out strands

If you have a bob cut or a pixie cut, chances are a few pesky little strands keep poking out despite the numerous amounts of gel you have put into your hair. Don’t worry! It’s totally okay, and it can be easily resolved.

If you buy a regular hair extension set here at ZALA, it will typically contain pieces of varying wefts. Usually, sets can include pieces with 1-4 wefts each.

At the beginning of the application, you have probably already used the 4 weft piece and you’re left with the single weft pieces. What can you do with these? Simply clip them on those sections with the pesky strands to hide them away from you. Talk about a quick fix!

Synthetic vs Human Hair Extensions

If you are new to the hair extensions world, one factor that you should look into before purchasing your new extensions is its type. There are two main types: synthetic and human hair.

Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper, but they’re also of more inferior quality. You may not be able to dye or bleach them because they may not be able to survive the chemicals. 

Human hair, on the other hand, may be pricier, but they’re guaranteed to last longer and look more natural, and therefore more beautiful. You can also have them colored, cut, and processed any way you want. In fact, here at ZALA, we provide the highest quality 100% Human Remy hair extensions you can find.

Using Short Clip-In Hair Extensions On Short Hair

Despite the countless options in the market, it can sometimes feel like you’re being left out just because of your preferences. But don’t worry about it! ZALA Hair Extensions creates various hair extension types that can be used even by those who have short hair. 

We’re hoping that you will keep this guide and will hopefully help you when you’re about to clip in those hair extensions! For more hair tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our ZALA blog!


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