The Dos & Don'ts of Making Your Hair Extensions Last

Wearing hair extensions is a surefire way to transform your looks. The luscious, long, and thick hair will make you feel gorgeous for any occasion. But when you decide to wear hair extensions, it also means you're making an investment decision, especially when you want to buy high-quality Remy human hair extensions. You want your extensions to last a long time and keep looking beautiful, silky, and smooth as long as you use them. 

But how long do extensions last on average? Well, it depends on the type of hair extension, how frequently you use them, and the amount of care they receive. Ok, then how long do clip-in extensions last, you may wonder! Clip-in extensions can last anywhere between 8 to 12 months with proper care. And if you use them occasionally, they could last even longer. 

While you can treat human hair extensions in many ways, like your own hair, don't forget that they're still not naturally attached to your scalp. That means your extensions don't get essential oils and nutrients from your scalp. As such, they require special care to last longer. 

Caring for your hair extensions may seem overwhelming initially, but as with any new experience, caring for your extensions becomes easier over time. Please include the following dos and don'ts in your extensions' care routine, and you're sure to boost their longevity.

The Dos & Don’ts Of Making Your Hair Extensions Last

Do Use the Right Hair Products

We don't recommend treating your hair extensions with too many products, but it is safe to use a few of the right products. For example, you can use oils, leave-in conditioners, serums, and hairstyling products. But make sure that the products are free of harsh chemicals, such as sulfates and alcohol. Lastly, don't apply the products at the base of the extensions because that can loosen and break the bond. 

Do Brush Your Extensions Often

Brushing your hair extensions keeps them looking silky and smooth. Most stylists recommend brushing your extensions at least three times a day. Also, it’s best if you brush the wefts before storing them to remove any knots. 

However, do not brush the extensions when they're wet because it could cause hair breakage. Also, brush them gently when you've got the extensions in your hair. Forceful brushing can disengage the bonds. Make sure to press down on the roots with one hand and brush gently with your free hand.

It’s also a good idea to buy a brush made specifically for hair extensions, such as a loop brush. They're designed to prevent hair breakage and shedding. Also, you can use them to remove tangles and knots from your wefts.

Do Wash Your Hair

When necessary, washing your hair extensions can restore their shine and texture. For example, you can wash them when they get product buildup, lose bounce, become sticky or greasy, and look dirty. But make sure your shampoo and conditioner are free of alcohol and sulfates. 

You can use your best judgment to determine when your extensions require a wash, but most stylists recommend washing them after every 30 uses. But beware not to go overboard with washing because it could dehydrate the hair, causing split ends and hair breakage. 

Don't Expose Your Extensions to Excessive Heat

Excessive heat is not suitable for your hair extensions because it can lead to wear and tear. Heat can also make your extensions dry and brittle, eventually triggering hair breakage. Plus, it can affect the hair's texture and shine, making it look dull and lifeless. 

For these reasons, you should use heat tools only when necessary. Also, spray your extensions with a heat protectant before styling and turn down your heat tool's temperature to minimize damage.

Don't Swim with Your Hair Extensions

Swimming is an excellent form of cardio, but do you know that it can harm your hair extensions? Whether you swim in a pool or the ocean, the chlorine and salt in the water can cause your extensions to become matted and knotted. 

Second, chlorinated and saltwater can make your extensions dry and brittle. Third, these elements can weaken the hair extensions' bond. For example, if you're wearing tape-in hair extensions, the adhesive will become weak, and the wefts may slide down. 

Suppose you're wearing clip-in or halo hair extensions. In that case, you could easily remove them before swimming and then reinstall them instantly right after swimming. If you absolutely must swim with your extensions in, make sure to wear a swim camp before diving into the pool or ocean. Also, wash your extensions with fresh water after swimming and let them fully dry out before brushing them. 

Don't Sleep with Wet Hair Extensions

You can remove your clip-in hair extensions before sleeping and then reapply them in the morning. But if you're using tape extensions or other semi-permanent wefts, you have to be extremely careful when sleeping. Avoid sleeping when your extensions are wet because they can cause knots and tangles. Instead, wait for the extensions to dry and tie them into a loose ponytail before hitting the sack.

If you’re considering extensions to help you achieve your hair goals, shop our selection now. With 100% Remy human hair, our extensions are made to last with the proper care.

February 04, 2022
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