5 Side Effects of Bleaching Hair

Since we’re already on the topic of bleach, it seems like now’s the perfect time to just make a series of posts about it!

Last time, we talked about how bleach works and bleaching damage to hair. This time, we’re going to focus on another aspect of this interesting coloring method: the side effects of bleaching hair.

ZALA Side Effects of Bleaching Hair

1. Bleaching hurts the scalp

Sure, bleaching your hair takes no more than a couple of hours. But depending on your pain tolerance and your skin, bleaching can hurt your scalp quite badly. Bleach is a really strong chemical so it’s not uncommon for it to give burning or tingling sensations if you make contact with it. If it gets really painful or itchy though, remove the bleach immediately. You might be having an allergic reaction or a chemical burn, neither of which are good.

2. Your hair will get really dry

The biggest concern that people consider is that bleached hair tends to get really dry. This is due to the process of oxidation which we briefly explained in our previous article. If you’re planning to get your hair bleached, make sure that it’s done after an extra long period of rest and relaxation.

3. You might get discolored hair

Another one of the side effects of bleaching hair is discolored hair, which, unfortunately, is very common. Discolored hair can look quite ugly and it may even give the impression like you don’t care about your hair or your appearance. Sometimes, especially if you just did it at home and weren’t able to apply the agents evenly, you could end up with this problem.

4. Your hair will be more prone to damage

We all hate frizzy hair, but there’s a strong contender to all that hate: split-end riddled hair! Sadly, bleaching can make things so much worse. Bleached hair can be really brittle and prone to damage, if done poorly. And we promise you, it takes very little to completely ruin badly damaged bleached hair. Just take a look at these bleaching horror stories!

5. Bleached hair is high maintenance

Since bleached hair is so weak and prone to damage, a lot of times, it also requires a lot of aftercare. This means maintaining a regular hair care routine, using protective hair products every day, and remembering not to be rough with it. Plus, imagine having to touch up your very obvious roots every few weeks or so. What could be more high maintenance than that?

Got any questions? Ask away at the comment section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! And as always, for more hair care tips and tricks, feel free to check out the ZALA blog!


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