Rice Water for Hair: Safe or Not?

An old trend has been regaining popularity recently in the online beauty sphere, gaining the attention of many as a quick, easy, and cheap way to get luscious, beautiful hair.

The trend? Rice water for hair.

zala rice water for hair

Wait, what? Rice water for hair? You mean the water used to rinse rice before it's cooked? That's the new beauty trend?

Why, yes.


History of Rice Water for Hair

Rice water has been used in East Asia for hundreds of years as a natural hair treatment. Countless women can vouch for its simple effectivity in turning dry, limp hair into straight and silky locks. In fact, rice water is said to be the secret behind the long black hair that East Asian women are famous for.

Did you know that this natural treatment is even said to keep your hair strands young, even as you age? In a world where even 40-year-olds are already suffering from the dreaded gray hair, the Yao women from the Guangxi Province in southern China are well-known for one very peculiar trait: their long, black, Rapunzel-esque hair lasts until they are in their 80's.

Their secret? They regularly wash their hair with fermented rice water.

The Science Behind Rice Water for Hair

It may be an ancient secret among our East Asian siblings, but is there actual science behind using rice water as a hair treatment?

Surprisingly, some studies regarding this topic do suggest that using rice water for hair may have a scientific basis to it.

One study in Japan mentioned the court ladies of the Heian Period whose habit of combing their hair daily with Yu-Su-Ru, or rice water, led to increased hair elasticity and reduced friction, thus minimizing hair damage.

Fermented rice water is shown to have even more benefits, since it's much richer in vitamins and minerals than regular rice water.

Rice Water Benefits

Rice water for has many benefits that are not limited to hair. They can also be used as a face wash to keep your face soft and smooth. Another perk: rice water reduces wrinkles and fine lines too!

For hair, here are just some of the benefits you can get from using rice water:

  • enhances hair growth
  • smoothens hair strands
  • improves hair shine
  • aids in detangling knots
  • keeps hair strands 'young'

Rice Water For Hair: Safe or Not?

We're happy to say that yes, using rice water for hair is indeed safe and effective. This natural treatment is backed by science and centuries of personal experience.

Here at ZALA Hair, we believe that real beauty comes from within– and that means we believe in taking care of oneself in a natural way. Still, we're well aware that not all natural methods are safe and effective. If you're thinking of trying out a new method, please be wary of all its potential effects and risks. After all, no cheap method is worth ruining your natural beauty for.

If you're interested in more hair care tips and other natural methods, feel free to check out the ZALA blog!

January 13, 2019
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