7 Ways To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

We may love how warm and bright the sun makes us feel, but too much sun exposure can mean bad news for our hair.

In today's article, we'll show you 7 easy and simple ways to protect your hair from the sun!


1. Avoid certain hair ingredients

Not all hair ingredients are good for the hair at all times. Hair products with ingredients like lemon juice, alcohol, peroxide, and even some essential oils can cause sun sensitivity.

For the first three products, specifically, going out into the sun with those ingredients in your hair can cause your hair to lighten considerably. However, your hair (and even your hair extensions, if you're wearing them!) will also suffer from extreme drying and even damage.

2. Wear a hat or a cap

This is probably the easiest way to protect your hair from the sun: block the sun out! A hat or a cap is a great way to physically block the sun's harmful rays from reaching your precious strands. Plus, a cute sun hat can be pretty fashionable too, which makes this a good choice if you're out traveling.

3. Tie your hair

Tying your hair doesn't exactly protect it from the sun per se, but it does protect your hair from getting dried out and fried under the heat.

You could put your hair in protective hairstyles like braids in order to prevent frizziness when you're out and about.

4. Apply a hair sunscreen

If a hat can protect your hair from the sun physically, then a sunscreen protects your hair chemically.

UV rays or ultraviolet rays are invisible rays that can harm your hair's outside protection, the hair cuticles. When these are damaged, your hair tends to become more brittle and fragile than usual, which leads to easy breakage. Some of the signs that your hair is sun-damaged include discoloration, frizziness, dehydrated strands, and split ends.

SPF in sunscreen aims to prevent those harmful rays from penetrating your hair shaft. The SPF molecules either absorb the rays or reflect them, making your hair more resistant to UV rays.

5. Use hair products with SPF

Sunscreen isn't the only hair product with SPF. Many other hair products have SPF too. If you're out on a trip and you don't have sunscreen right now, you could check if any of your products have SPF.

Products that may have SPF include hairspray and hair serums. Some brands even carry shampoos and conditioners that have SPF in them.

6. Wash with clarifying shampoo

If you use hair products with SPF, it's very important that you wash with clarifying shampoo at least once a week in order to get rid of all the build-up. This is also important if you're using hair extensions because you wouldn't want all the grease and dirt to remain on your extensions, do you?

7. Deep-condition your hair regularly

Deep-conditioning your hair regularly helps it become more hydrated and moisturized. Hydrated and moisturized hair tend to be more resistant to sun damage. Besides, if your hair is already showing early signs of sun damage, a good deep conditioning session could help fix the problem.

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May 25, 2020
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