Popular Hair Colors for 2019

Just the other day, we discussed the perfect new hairstyles for 2019. Now that you’ve decided on your new cut, you know what’s next on the list? Popular hair colors for 2019!

It’s not easy to choose hair colors, nor is it easy to go bold and pick something that’s completely out of the realm of natural hair colors.

But new year, new life! And this year might just be your chance to finally wear that haircut and hair color that you’ve been dreaming of since forever!

popular hair colors for 2019

Foggy Pink

Pink is the color that we all wanted in our hair when we were children, but wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot-pole as adult individuals. There’s just something about pink hair that’s both exciting and yet intimidating at the same time. It’s definitely not an easy look to pull off, that’s for sure, but once you’ve got it down pat, you’re all set to be the life of every party.

zala popular hair colors for 2019

Munroe Bergdorf

Glossy Purple

We’ve been in love with purple hair ever since we saw an ombre version of it, but solid colors are also in this 2019 and glossy purple is going to be all the rage! Actually, glossy hair is totally in this 2019, so if you want to tick the boxes of both Popular Hair Colors for 2019 and Perfect New Hairstyles of 2019, then be our guest.

zala popular hair colors for 2019

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Matte Yellow

Have you ever seen yellow hair? Not blonde, alright, but yellow–Crayola yellow, as we call it. This kind of yellow looks flatter than the usual blonde hair and has less gloss in it, but it’s just as fab and trendy. It literally looks colored in, hence our moniker, Crayola yellow.

zala popular hair colors for 2019

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Golden Honey

This color is more in the realm of possible natural hair colors, but we still can’t deny how unbelievably beautiful it looks like! Golden honey is perfect for its name, as it looks just like freshly harvested honey in a jar. We’re actually glad that this color is in the 2019 popular hair colors list, as it’s one that we’re looking forward to wear this 2019.

zala popular hair colors for 2019

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Platinum Blonde

We can’t count how many times we’ve mentioned here how gorgeous and beautiful and lovely (insert other synonyms here) and exotic platinum blonde hair looks like! And now we’re adding it to yet another list, this time as one of the most popular hair colors for 2019.

zala popular hair colors for 2019

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Are you planning on getting one of these hair colors this 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And for more hair trends, check out our ZALA Blog!


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