6 Tips for Growing Your Hair Long

Long hair comes with many perks. You can pull it into many different styles. You can wear it up or down or curl or straighten it. Plus, longer hair looks luscious and elegant. And if you have long curly hair, it will require less styling time than someone with short curly hair. 

While having long hair has countless benefits, growing your hair long takes time. There isn’t a shortcut for getting long hair overnight. Did you know that hair grows only around six inches per year? That seems minimal growth, considering most people lose 60 to 90 hair strands per day. 

The good news is that certain measures can expedite the process of hair growth. You’d need to change certain hair care practices, switch products, and adopt new habits. These will work together to provide your hair with an ideal growth environment. 

We’ll provide tips for each of the hair growth elements below. But keep in mind that while these tips will speed up your hair growth, they’re not magic ways to get long hair in weeks or months. 

If you want to instantly get long and luscious hair, consider wearing hair extensions. We recommend clip-in extensions as they’re temporary and easy to install and remove. Human hair extensions add length, volume, and thickness to your hair, allowing you to wear your favorite hairstyles while looking natural and gorgeous. 

But how long does hair have to be for extensions? Well, your hair needs to be at least three to four inches in length for most types of hair extensions. This is enough hair to cover the attachment points, conceal the clips or tapes, and blend with the wefts.

Want to grow your hair long naturally? Here’re some tips for you:

1. Avoid Cutting Your Own Hair

You may be tempted to cut your own hair, but this is not a good practice unless you’re an expert. The chances of a wrong cut are higher, given most people don’t know the techniques of using scissors like a pro. 

Instead, it is an excellent idea to let your hair grow until you’re ready to go to a salon for a professional trim. Make sure your stylist knows you want to grow long hair, so they trim only the split ends responsible for hair breakage. 

Most stylists agree that women should get three or four trims a year for their hair to remain healthy and grow faster — not to mention removing split ends makes hair shiny, silky, and smooth.

2. Stop Bleaching Your Hair

Bleaching leads to dry, weak, brittle, and delicate hair because the chemicals used in the product are harsh. And when you bleach your hair more often, it can result in hair breakage and slow down your hair growth. Bleaching also damages the hair cuticles, resulting in more split ends. So, if you want to grow your hair fast, be sure to stop treating your hair with chemicals. 

3. Use a Clarifying Shampoo or Scalp Scrub

Did you know that your scalp’s health also affects your rate of hair growth? A healthy scalp speeds up hair growth and improves your hair strength. Most dermatologists recommend scrubbing your scalp or using a clarifying shampoo to free your skin from the elements that slow down hair growth. A clarifying shampoo reduces scalp inflammation, cleans hair follicles, and moisturizes your scalp, which is essential for healthy hair growth.

4. Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Every Day

Washing your hair every day can strip it off essential natural oils produced by your scalp. The lack of these oils can cause your hair to become dry and brittle and ultimately break. Plus, daily hair wash also causes scalp irritation. Most experts advise women to avoid shampooing their hair more than 4 times a week. Also, make sure your shampoo is free of harsh chemicals and contains healthy nutrients. 

5. Get Deep Conditioning Treatment Regularly

Deep conditioning is crucial for healthy hair, as it provides your hair with nutrients that are crucial to prevent damage. Plus, regular deep conditioning treatment helps hydrate and repair your hair, reducing breakage and strengthening your hair. All of these improvements work together to speed up your hair growth process. 

6. Use Heat Tools Sparingly

Heat damage slows down hair growth to a considerable extent. Heat tools strip your hair of moisture and oils, causing dryness and split ends. Using your blow dryer or curling wand at a high temperature can damage hair cuticles. These side effects of heat tools slow down hair growth. As such, make sure to use heat tools only when necessary. Whenever you decide to use heat tools, keep the temperature low.

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A Guide to Disguising Grown-Out Roots

So you colored your hair for many years to hide some greys. Or perhaps you wanted to try a new shade. Now you want to get back your natural hair color! No matter why you want to transition to your natural color, the problem is: that after dyeing your hair so many times, how can you go color-free or flaunt more natural-looking tresses?

As anyone who has struggled with getting rid of hair colors knows, the roots are the most tormenting part to work with. Sure, you can overcome an inch of regrowth with a trip to your stylist, but what if you want to grow out your hair completely? The roots are continuously growing, and they don’t look so great if you have been treating your hair with a color that isn’t close to your hair’s natural shade. 

Also, remember that the roots become more visible when you wear your hair into an updo with extensions. But a professional hair extension installation can help disguise the roots. And for this, you must know how to put your hair up with extensions (if you want to apply the wefts at home). Otherwise, it would be best to visit your hairdresser to put in the extensions. 

It is undoubtedly tough to disguise the grown-out roots, but did you know that the right techniques can make the process less intimidating? 

With this in mind, let’s have a look at some proven methods to hide your grown-out roots:

Get the Ombré Color

This trick works best for those who have colored their hair in lighter shades than their natural hair color for many years. Ombre works great if your roots are darker than the color you want to grow. You must be willing for a professional dyeing session at a salon to make the blending technique work. But how does this method work, you ask! When your natural hair shade blends with your dyed shade, it creates a kind of effect that camouflages the grown-out roots. 

Apply a Glaze

You probably don’t want to color your hair because that’s the reason behind the problem you’re facing now. You want to grow out your roots and get back your natural hair color. This is where you can take a different route: use a semi-permanent glaze to disguise the roots. This trick gives perfect results as it conceals the roots while they grow. 

Consider applying a tinted glaze on your entire head because doing so will fuse your colored hair with your hair’s natural shade. Even though it won’t disguise the roots 100%, it surely will tone down most of the obvious ones. 

Get Frequent Trims

Frequent haircuts help your natural hair grow out to meet the dyed portion in the center much faster. This way, you’ll generally spend less time working to disguise the roots. But that doesn’t mean you must visit the salon every week or cut off your hair altogether. 

Trimming your hair three to four times a year works well because it eliminates split ends, helps with healthy hair growth, and cuts down the distance between the roots and the remaining portion of the hair strands.   

Blend With Dye

This method is best for those who want a quick fix. But again, it involves dyeing your hair. The trick with this option is to get a root touch-up or base shade as close to your roots as possible. It is good to carry on this practice until your hair has reached the desired length.  

Wear Hair Extensions

This is yet another quick but temporary fix that works best with frequent hair trims. Clip-in human hair extensions can hide grown-out roots while allowing you to grow your hair. Plus, they make your hair look thick, fuller, long, and luscious. And once your hair has grown out, you can go extension-free and flaunt your gorgeous natural hair instead.

Zala hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair. They look fully natural and blend perfectly with your hair. You can pull these premium-quality extensions into many different styles and treat them just like your own hair.

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How to Get the Best Blowout With Extensions

We all desire to have silky-smooth tresses without split ends because they look beautiful and healthy. Plus, you can style silky hair in many different ways. But many of us struggle with smoothing our naturally frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is difficult to brush, straighten, or pull into your favorite styles. Plus, it’s hard to blend and style it with hair extensions. 

The good news is that when you know how to get the perfect blowout with extensions, your frizzy hair will look just as gorgeous as your friend’s naturally silky and soft hair. Of course, we’re all about loving our natural curls and frizzy locks. But at times, we all want to try that silky smooth hair, too.

Read these tips on how to get a perfect blowout with hair extensions.

Begin With Dry Hair

Before getting started with the blowout session, it’s vital to ensure your hair is at least 90 percent dry. We recommend air drying your hair because it improves the blowout results. Plus, it doesn’t damage your hair because when your hair is mostly air dried, you’ll need to apply less heat from your blow dryer. On the contrary, if your hair is damp, you’ll need to use more heat from a blow dryer, which isn’t good for your hair.

Create Hair Sections

Divide your entire hair into several small but manageable portions in the second step. This step is challenging because it involves a lot of work, but it’s crucial for the best blowout results. You’ll get impressive results worth the time you spend creating small hair sections on your entire head. Doing so helps the heat from your blow dryer to uniformly pass through each strand, providing your locks with a smooth, soft finish. 

Also, be sure to use a blow dryer with a narrow nozzle. This helps focus the hot air on the sectioned hair one at a time, improving the outcome. Be sure to use a large round ceramic brush during the process since the blow dryer will heat it, allowing you to use it as a hair straightener concurrently.

Start at the Base and Work Your Way Up

Many women blow-dry their hair by starting from the ends. This is the wrong blow drying method. The correct technique is to begin blow drying from the roots or base and gently work your way toward the end – portion by portion. And after you’ve completed this step for each hair section, you’re all set to rock with beautiful, silky, and smooth hair. 

Apply and Blend in Hair Extensions

Now that you have the perfect blowout, it’s time to give your hair a beautiful makeover with a set of human hair extensions. Zala hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, and they blend seamlessly with blown-out hair, making your hair look longer, fuller, and thicker.

It is essential to know how to put in extensions for the best results. You can take the DIY installation route with halo or clip-in extensions since they’re super easy to install. We recommend you go to your hairdresser for a professional installation for other extensions like tape-ins and weave-ins.

Plus, if your hair is layered and straight, it can be tricky to blend it with clip-in extensions. That’s because the wefts are all one length. It is good to visit a salon to have the wefts trimmed and blended by an expert. Alternatively, you may want to add waves to the wefts so they can integrate with your hair in the most natural way possible. 

And once you’ve installed and blended the extensions, you can go ahead with pulling your hair into a hairstyle you love.

Zala brings you a wide range of hair extensions in multiple lengths, volumes, and shade options. Our hair extensions are silky-smooth, with each strand thick from top to bottom. Plus, the cuticles are intact so that the extensions can go with the direction, flow, and movement of your natural hair.

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The Risks of Cutting Your Own Hair at Home

As a mom, wife, or working woman, you know how hard it is to find time to look after yourself. And at times, you may just feel like you need to cut your own hair because you don’t have time to visit a salon. You may even watch a video or two about how to cut your own hair at home and think, “Well, that sounds pretty simple. I can cut my own hair!” 

But we don’t recommend cutting your own hair at home! Believe it or not, there are many risks associated with taking the DIY route to trim your locks. Plus, there are plenty of hairstylists that can offer you a better experience with less frustration than if you try to do it yourself. And let’s be honest: who wants to have a botched haircut?

Here are the reasons why cutting your own hair is a bad idea.

You Don’t Have the Experience

The problem with cutting your own hair is that you don’t have as much experience as a stylist with cutting hair, let alone cutting your own hair. And chances are you don’t really know what you’re doing and can end up making mistakes, such as uneven or choppy cuts and too short hair. If you’ve never given yourself a haircut before, it’s a good idea to just avoid the experience altogether. 

If you still want to take the risk, then do so after planning what you’ll do if you end up with a botched haircut. One of the best ways to hide short or botched haircuts is to use hair extensions. For example, clip-in hair extensions are temporary hair wefts that you can install in your hair to hide your haircut and, at the same time, allow your natural hair to grow. For best results, you need to learn how to put extensions in short hair (which is pretty easy with clip-ins).

The Wrong Tools Cause Split Ends

Professional stylists have specialized hair cutting tools, which is one of the primary reasons they can deliver excellent results. But most of us, ordinary women, don’t have such tools at home. Most women use office or kitchen scissors to cut their hair, which is not ideal. The blunt blades of the scissors will create split ends and can also affect the aesthetic appeal of your rather healthy and beautiful hair. 

If you want to prevent split ends and retain the healthy and beautiful look of your hair, then, by all means, try to avoid cutting your own hair. Instead, take some time to visit a hairdresser for a professional haircut. Remember that cutting hair requires specialized skills, knowledge, and tools besides precision, confidence, and accuracy. It’s difficult for those without formal training to tell which parts of their head need more attention than others. Snipping off your tresses could be a disastrous move that you’ll regret for months down the line.

You’ll Need to Visit a Salon Anyway

You may think cutting your hair can save you time and money. But the result may not be what you expect. Your bad DIY haircut can be costly because you’ll eventually need to visit a salon to fix the uneven ends or style your very short hair. Just think about going through all of the trouble to cut your hair at home and then embark on a costly salon trip to fix your botched haircut! It sounds very frustrating, doesn’t it?

Instead of cutting your locks, why don’t you go to your hairdresser in the first place? After all, you’ll have to visit your stylist anyway to fix your botched haircut!

Quick Fix: Hair Extensions

As mentioned above, hair extensions are the best way to hide your botched haircut quickly. We recommend clip-in extensions because they come as temporary hair wefts that you can install in your hair within minutes without going to a salon. And you can remove and reinstall them whenever you want–no long-term commitment to extensions! And once your natural hair grows enough, you can quickly go extension-free! 

Anyway, buy only 100 percent Remy human hair extensions because they last longer, look entirely natural, and blend seamlessly with your own hair. 

Want to fix your botched haircut with inexpensive but premium-quality clip-in extensions? Check out Zala’s clip-in hair extensions collection, pick a shade and length of your choice, and place your order online in a few easy steps.


How to Wear Hair Extensions With Hats

Can I wear a hat with hair extensions? The answer is YES; you can wear your extensions with a hat — as long as you wear it correctly! Caps and extensions work perfectly together to make a fashion statement. And they make you look super cute in any social setting. 

But if you’re new to the trend, it can be tricky to wear your hat with your hair extensions. Don’t worry, because, in this post, we’ll tell you everything you want to know about wearing hair extensions with hats.

Extension Type and Placement

First, know that you can wear your hat with any hair extension, including tape-ins, clip-ins, and halos. But we recommend you wear a hat with clip-in extensions since they’re temporary wefts, and you don’t have to worry about them sliding down or damaging your hair. 

But it is vital to know how to apply clip-in hair extensions, so they go perfectly with a hat. Make sure to clip the wefts just below the top of your head so the cap can fit your hair and fit in with the extensions. Also, it’s good to pick an adjustable hat that you can loosen or tighten, depending on what you feel comfortable with, and avoid causing friction against the extensions.

Hat Size

Since hair extensions add volume and thickness to your hair, you’ll want to wear a large hat to accommodate the extra dimensions without applying unwanted pressure on the wefts. A 59cm M/L hat works just perfect for most women.

A hat that is a little bit larger for your head works best with hair extensions and is a perfect option for women with curly or thick hair. If you’ve got a hat that feels tight or uncomfortable to wear, we recommend you get a new adjustable M/L size hat. The versatile inner band allows you to adjust the hat to your (and your extensions’) comfort level.

Head Shape

Sometimes, even the correct size of hat may not fit your head. That’s because every person naturally has a unique head shape. It is essential to try many different hats to find the one most suitable for your head shape. This step is crucial, mainly because you want to wear your hat with hair extensions.

Wear Your Hat in the Halo Style

If your hat doesn’t sit comfortably over your hair extensions, try to wear it in the halo style — on the top of your head. This way, you’ll look more stylish and elegant. Also, you’ll feel more comfortable because the hat fits better when worn at the narrow part of your head than wearing it straight across your brow. The best part is that it will give your face an adorable frame.

Hat Material

It is not a good idea to wear a hat made from thick fabric in the summer because it will cause excessive sweating and make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, choose a hat made of light material to prevent yourself from overheating since you’re already wearing hair extensions. But in the winter, you may choose a hat made from a thick material to keep your head warm. 

Avoid Pushing Your Hat Onto Your Extensions

Never pull your hat down on your wefts because it will cause the extensions to slide or come off. Instead, wear your hat gently. It’s great if you can wear it down without pulling. If it doesn’t, then wear it on the crown of your head (as explained above). 

Wear a Hat With ZALA Hair Extensions

Now that you know how to wear hair extensions with hats, it’s time to give it a practical shot. You can comfortably wear caps with our hair extensions by following the tips given above. Zala hair extensions are made from 100 percent Remy human hair, so they mimic your own hair’s flow, direction, and movement and look fully natural. 

Have a look at our finest human hair extensions, choose a length and color for your hair, and place your order online.