One Piece Volumizer for Australia Day

It’s finally Australia Day! Wondering what hairstyle you’ll wear at that summer beach party you’ve been invited to? 

Luckily for you, our One Piece Clip-in Volumizer can help you with the day’s festivities! Prep your locks and complete your look with just a few snaps!

Clip In Hair Volumizer

Our Top Australia Day Hairstyles

Are you ready to use our one-piece clip-in volumizer for Australia Day? Here are a few hairstyles to get you started when using ZALA’s One Piece Volumizer for Australia Day!

1. Chic Hair For Beach Barbecue

Australia Day is celebrated in the middle of Australian summer, which is why it’s typically celebrated at beaches, docks, and outdoor fields. 

If you’re planning to attend a barbecue party by the beach, you can dress down your look by adding a cute beach hat. Chomp on your huge slabs of meat drizzled with barbecue sauce without worrying about your hair flying all over the place. After all, just because it’s a simple picnic doesn’t mean you have to look simple as well.

Putting a hat on top of your clip-in volumizer will make you look more put-together without making you look over-the-top for the occasion.

2. Hair Scarf 

Look preppy for these under-the-sun events by loosely tying your hair in a low ponytail with a scarf. The scarf adds an extra dash of oomph and elegance without looking too extra.

3. Bow For Added Elegance

Feeling a little fancy this Australia Day? If you’ve decided to catch the annual Ferrython instead of the usual barbecue parties, it’s a good idea to slightly dress up for the occasion. Swap your beach hats and scarves for a cute little bow to make your look more neat, stylish, and elegant!

4. Loose Hair

Stroll along Darling Harbour and entertain yourself with the vibrant music from local musicians and delicious food from local pop-up stalls. If you’re in Melbourne, head over to Docklands to enjoy a sip at a bar by the waterfront.

Let yourself (and your hair!) unwind as you appreciate everything Australia can offer.

One Piece Volumizer for Australia Day

Australia Day is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare by planning your outfits and hairstyles beforehand? We’re hoping that you found your next hairstyle on this list using our One Piece Clip-In Volumizer! Remember, you can always choose the Keratin version if you want to go the extra mile!

For more hairstyle ideas, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!

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