How To Make Your Hair Extensions Look Real

Hair extensions, like any other natural beauty enhancers, are used to amplify your own natural beauty. They have to look and feel real.

Honestly, the best hair extensions are those that look so natural, nobody even realizes you’re wearing them. And in today’s article, we’ll share all the tips on how to make hair extensions look real!

How to Make Your Hair Extensions Look Real
How To Make Your Hair Extensions Look Real

Choosing The Right Hair Extensions

You’re probably considering hair extensions for one or more reasons. Maybe you want more length, thickness, and volume to your hair. Maybe you just got your biannual haircut which you’re now regretting. Or maybe, you want to wear a different color to an event but you’re afraid of the damage your natural hair might get from the treatment.

Regardless of the reason, taking the plunge should be worth it, as long as you keep two important factors in mind.

Firstly, your extensions should match your natural hair color or the color that you want to change into. Two, it should also be a suitable length for you.

With the right hair extensions, every dollar spent is worth it every time you use them.

How To Make Your Hair Extensions Look Real

Having the right hair extensions is the first step towards achieving those hair goals you’ve been dreaming of.

But before anything else, it’s important that your hair extensions look natural and real. They have to look like they’re actually your hair, styled to the perfection you desire.

Tip #1 Use the right amount in a set

You can’t just apply one wide hair extension somewhere from your left ear to your right ear and then be done with it. Not having enough hair extensions worn is the first and foremost dead giveaway of wearing them.

You have to get a set that matches your own hair type. If you have thicker hair, we recommend the 9-piece set, and for thinner hair, you can go with a 5-piece set. If you have shorter hair, we recommend a 9-piece set to ensure seamless blending.

You can also cut a long weft into half pieces or even smaller so you can use these smaller pieces to frame your face and around your ears which are difficult areas to get extensions to.

Tip #2 Get the right type of hair extensions

There are so many types of hair extensions out there, and for the best results, it’s important to pick natural looking hair extensions. Depending on how often and for what you are going to use them for, as well as your hair type, you can pick out the right type of hair extensions for you.

Traditional clip-in extensions are not recommended if you have thin or fine hair because they will feel and look bulky and would probably just weigh down your hair. If you’ll only wear hair extensions for special occasions, seamless thin clips-ins will be best for you.

However, if you have really fine hair but want semi-permanent extensions, thin tape-in extensions will do the trick. Above all else, choosing hair extensions that look real is the best and easiest way to make your end results look natural.

Tip #3 Make sure the colors match

Mismatched hair colors are a dead giveaway. You have to note that the color you’re matching with is not the color at your roots but at the ends of your hair. 

If you’re wearing extensions for either volume or length, you can go with extensions that are 2-3 shades darker or lighter and they’ll still blend. For most, mixing 1-3 colors, all of which are within the shade range of your own hair, usually results in the perfect color match.

If you have a pretty unique hair color, you can go to Zala’s color match page to get personalized advice in less than 24 hours. You only have to type in your personal details and upload photos of your hair to avail of the service. To top it off, you can even get a $5 discount code on your chosen shade.

Tip #4 Don’t use different lengths

It’s hard to get away with wearing extensions of different lengths and still make them look real. For best results, you should stick to just one length and blend it with your own strands. Want to know how to make extensions look real in short hair? Get thick hair extensions, spread the wefts evenly, and style the wefts together with your natural hair.

Tip #5 Buy only from high-quality brands

Like other products, investing in higher quality extensions is more worth it in the long run. Cheap or synthetic hair extensions may seem like a good deal until they mat and frizz up within a few uses or after the first wash.

Here at Zala, we sell only the finest 100% Human Remy Hair extensions, which means they’re guaranteed to look good and be long-lasting. You can wash them, style them, and even dye them like you do your own hair and you won’t encounter any problems whatsoever.

Tip #6 Don’t forget to style them

Hair extensions will always look best if you style them after application. To do this, simply style them along with your natural hair, and the difference between the two will lessen exponentially.

Just make sure to avoid pulling on the wefts and to always apply some kind of protection before styling them using heat-styling tools.

Tip #7 Have them styled by a professional

If you really want the best opinion, the easiest route would be to go to your own hairstylist with your hair extensions in tow.

Regardless of whether you want a new trim, style or dye, your hairstylist will be able to accommodate all your needs. After all, professional stylists have all the tips and tricks necessary for making sure that your hair extensions look as natural as possible.

Making Your Hair Extensions Look Real

Nothing is worse than painfully obvious hair extensions. Even with the perfect makeup, dress, and shoes, you can only confidently strut around when no one can tell your locks are not your own.

Plus, you can mingle with your loved one and friends without being self-conscious of a few hair strands sticking out awkwardly. Talk about freedom! What do you think? Follow these tips on how to make hair extensions look natural and you’ll love the results!

For more hair extension tips and tricks, don’t forget to take a look at the ZALA blog!


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