How to Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

When it comes to hair extensions, it's super important to get it right! Nothing is worse than obvious hair extensions. Not sure how to make hair extensions look natural? Simply read on for how to achieve natural, lovely looking hair extensions with the perfect blend. No one will ever know they're not your own locks!

how to make hair extensions look natural

Natural looking, long and luscious locks achieved with ZALA Hair Extensions!

How to Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

Tip #1: Invest in quality!

One of the most telltale signs of hair extensions is cheap, bad quality hair. Therefore, it is super important to invest in premium quality hair extensions. This will achieve the most natural looking locks! And, allows you to style, cut and/or dye your extensions for the perfect blend. At ZALA, we only supply the highest grade of 100% Human Remy hair on the market! If you're wanting to know how to make hair extensions look natural, look no further than ZALA HAIR!

Tip #2: Get the perfect colour match! 

how to make hair extensions look natural

Nothing gives away hair extensions like a bad colour match! Choosing the correct shade is essential in knowing how to make your hair extensions look natural! Fortunately, at ZALA, we have an easy & free colour matching service. If you're unsure of your colour, we can help! Simply email our team at support@zalacliphairextensions. Or, visit our colour match service form. Attach 2-3 photos in natural lighting and one of the ZALA experts will recommend the perfect shade for you! Be sure to avoid photos with filters or edits! So simply and easy :) Otherwise, check out the full ZALA shade range here.

Tip #3: Choose the right length & thickness!

It's crucial to know what set will work best with your hair type and length! For thin/fine hair, we suggest our 5 piece sets for seamless blending. Otherwise, if you hair is medium/thick, go for our 9 piece sets. It's also super important to consider the length of the extensions you choose!

Tip #4: Perfect application!

Once you've chosen the perfect set for you, it's time to for application! It may be obvious, however application is super important for knowing how to make your hair extensions look natural. Check out our application guide for both our 5 piece sets and 9 piece sets.

Tip #5: Fitting!

For the most lovely, natural look, it can be a good option to visit your hair professional! ZALA Hair Extensions blend perfectly fine straight from the pack :) However getting your extensions cut whilst applied in your hair will create a really seamless look. By using specific cutting techniques such as layering, you'll achieve voluminous long locks that look just like your own!

Tip #6: Styling your extensions! 

And last but not least, always make sure you style your extensions for the most perfect blend. Simply apply your extensions using our guide and style along with your natural hair. Be sure to take extra care to avoid pulling on the wefts. And heat protection is a must! For the most natural looking blend, curls are definitely your go-to style. Check out our blog post on how to curl clip in hair extensions.

With these 6 steps, you'll have long and luscious locks that look your own! Still struggling on how to make hair extensions look natural? Simply drop our team an email at support@zalacliphairextensions.

July 29, 2015
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