How to Choose the Right Shade of Hair Extensions

On the hunt for the perfect set of hair extensions, but don't know where to start when it comes to picking your shade? We know it can be difficult choosing the perfect colour online. But, don't worry girl, we've got your back! Our full guide on how to choose the right shade of hair extensions will get you one step closer to having your hair goals.



So, how to match hair extensions to your hair color? The first thing to consider is where exactly to match your extensions! Many people can be thrown off if they have dark roots or multiple tones throughout your hair. However, we ALWAYS advise matching your shade to the ends of your hair. Remember, hair extensions are an extension of your natural locks, and you want the end result to be seamless as possible. So, to ensure there are no harsh lines and your extensions blend undetectably, choose your shade based on the ends of your hair.


Taking a look at not only the shade of your hair but the TONE is so important! Some people find their perfect match, yet the tone can be way off. For example, our Jet Black #1 and Natural Black #1B are both black colours but with slightly different tones. So, be sure to consider the undertones of your natural hair when choosing your shade. Does your hair appear cooler-toned, or do you prefer a more ashy shade? Or is your hair more warm with a more rich tone to your colour?


One factor that is often overlooked when choosing the right shade of hair extensions is the quality of the hair. Low-quality hair extensions that are made of synthetic materials are often available in very unnatural shades which make it extremely difficult to look natural. Whereas high quality 100% human hair extensions like ZALA hair are available in natural hair colours, with multi-tonal technology. Choosing premium quality human hair extensions is also super important if you can’t quite find your exact colour. ZALA hair can be safely toned and dyed to match.


Colour Match A perfect match to our Honey Beach Highlights #18/613!

Last but definitely not least, get your colour matched! Did you know, we offer a FREE shade matching service at ZALA to ensure you choose your perfect set? By simply sending in some quick pics of your hair, our colour experts can shade match you in as little as 6-24 hours. The only thing we require is a few photos in natural lighting, showing your natural hair root to tip with no filters or edits. Yep, it’s as easy as that! Not to mention, all colour matches come with helpful thickness and length advice, along with an in-depth video on your recommended colour. And if you’re still unsure, we’ve got a full-colour range video on all ZALA shades.

We hope our guide on how to choose the right shade of hair extensions to help you pick your perfect set online! Please don’t hesitate to message our friendly support team via [email protected] if you need any shade advice ?

June 09, 2017
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