How to Buy Extensions That Match Your Hair's Thickness

Your hair is the first thing people see when they look at you. It plays a crucial role in setting your overall look. But what if you don't have enough hair to flaunt those chic and elegant hairstyles that other women do? In that case, hair extensions can help fill the void, allowing you to have a full head of hair and rock that hairstyle you've always wanted to wear. 

But choosing a hair extension set is not as easy as it might sound. Besides adding length and volume to your hair, you want your hair extensions to match your hair's thickness. Picking an extension that doesn't suit your hair's thickness or density can affect the final results and make it challenging to pull your hair into different styles.

So, what extensions are best for thin hair? And how do you choose the right extension set for your thick hair? Let's have a look!

5 or 9 Piece Set?

So, what defines the thickness of hair extensions? It all comes down to the number of wefts inside the set. ZALA offers you two options for thickness: a 5 or 9 piece extension set. So, should you buy a 5-piece set or a 9-piece set? The answer lies in the thickness of your natural hair!

This blog post has you covered whether you're looking for hair extensions for your thin or thick hair.  

The Best Extension for Thin Hair: Zala's 5 Piece Set

Zala's 5-piece hair extension set is ideal for most women with thin or fine hair. This holds particularly true if your hair is delicate towards the ends. It’s also suitable for women who prefer to install fewer pieces of wefts to thin hair and want their hair to look natural. 

Moreover, our 5-piece extensions work best for women who think their fine hair will not withstand more than five extension pieces. The wefts allow you to have the same length as your hair to achieve enough thickness. 

We have exclusively designed these hair extension sets for ladies with thin or fine hair. With this set, you install only five hair wefts to your hair. As such, so you can rest assured your hair will provide enough coverage to the extensions, and nobody can tell if you're wearing wefts. 

But in case your hair is too thin to conceal more than five hair wefts, then there's no way the 9-piece extensions set will look natural on you.

There is no difference in quality and thickness per piece between Zala's 5 and 9 piece extension set, except for just fewer wefts in the former. And keep in mind that our 5-piece wefts set doesn't have enough hair for women with medium-thick hair. 

Zala 9-Piece Extensions Set

Our 9-piece extensions unit works best for ladies with dense or thick textured hair. Also, we have designed it to suit women with blunt or single-length haircuts. The set contains enough wefts to give your hair a fuller and voluminous look, besides enhancing longer hair. If you want to wear big curls or an updo hairstyle to a casual or formal event, these 9-piece wefts sets have you covered. 

Designed for thick and medium-thick hair, our Remy human hair extensions are sure to transform your appearance because they look completely natural. The nine hair wefts are enough to blend perfectly with your hair, from the base to the ends. 

Rest assured that nobody can detect you're wearing extensions because they can't see where your natural hair and the extensions join and blend. Moreover, since thick hair can accommodate more wefts, you shouldn’t experience any problem installing all nine pieces in your hair. 

Which Extension Set is Best for a Special Occasion?

Our 9-piece extension set works best for women who want to go to a special event, such as a wedding or a formal party. But we recommend you visit a salon to have the wefts installed professionally so your hair looks beautiful and as natural as possible. 

While you can take the DIY route to install clip-in extensions, hairstylists can make any extension look gorgeous because they know the tricks and techniques to blend and style them professionally.

When you have a nine-piece weft set, your stylist will have more freedom playing around with them, using expert hacks to make them look entirely natural. And you can wear the extensions with more confidence and comfort throughout the day when installed by an expert. 

Whether you're looking for hair extensions for your thick or thin hair, Zala has you covered. Explore our extensive collection and choose a set that matches your hair's thickness and shade.

April 13, 2022
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