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Tape hair extensions have become extremely popular over the last few years due to their easy application method. We want to show you how to apply tape hair extensions and explain why  Tape hair extensions  are longer lasting than most. Whether you’re after subtle blonde beach waves or long and sleek dark locks – Tape hair extensions are the ideal option for you.

The hair is held in place by double-sided tape. This is applied by placing two pieces of the adhesive tape together, with your hair sitting in between. The process is very easy and can take under 30 minutes by a professional hairdresser. We only recommend getting your Tape hair extensions applied by a professional for best results!what are tape hair extensions?blue tape

How to apply tape hair extensions

Step one:

Section your hair horizontally in line with the tips of your ears. Make sure you start from the bottom of the neck. This will make it easier for you with how to apply Tape hair extensions .

How to apply tape hair extensions

Step two:

Start by placing the first tape hair extension into your hair gently. Be careful not to apply the extension too close to the root of the hair. This is because it will allow the tape extension to move and sit comfortably. Otherwise, there will be pulling and it will cause too much friction between your scalp and the roots of your hair. With this method, you are allowing for the Tape hair extensions to also be styled without forcefully pulling on your roots too much. Otherwise, the Tape hair extensions could potentially be uncomfortable and unable to style. This could also cause damage or inflammation to the scalp.

how to apply tape hair extensions

how to apply tape hair extensions

Step three:

Raise the first applied extension up, clipping it to your hair bundled on top. Some people are very concerned with how to apply Tape hair extensions by this point! But do not stress too much, because it is completely normal for your own hair to attach itself up to the tape hair extension.


Step four:

Take your second tape hair extension and apply it by pressing it tightly against your hair with the first tape extension that you have already clipped up. Your tape extensions are now neatly stuck together with your own hair sitting comfortably in between.


Step five:

Repeat steps from 1-4, ensuring that the Tape hair extensions are sitting side by side with a 1cm distance in between each extension. This will allow for some movement over time.

Complete your first row of tape, and then move on to your second row (usually 1 inch up from first row) and work your way up on your head. Keep in mind that if you are placing your extensions too far onto the left and right sides of your head, your Tape hair extensions may become visible. Ensure that your Tape hair extensions stay covered by your own hair.


You have now learnt how to apply Tape hair extensions ! Your new Tape hair extensions will usually last from around 6-12 weeks. This can depend on your care routine and how often you choose to groom them. It is important to brush through your tape extensions twice daily to ensure any shedding that may occur. We lose an average of 100 hair strands a day, so you should not be losing more than you would normally.

It is also essential that you are sleeping with your Tape hair extensions in a ponytail or a loose braid. This is because this will keep them from matting in your sleep. Depending on how you’ve treated your tape extensions they can be removed and re-taped for a second and even a third application. This will mean long luscious hair for everyone all year round!

Hollywood Hair extensions

You can guarantee that our most favourite Hollywood celebrities are lusting for that voluminous hair just as much as we are! Because now you know how to apply Tape hair extensions , you can achieve a few of these A-List celebrity looks such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, both sporting these beautiful and glamorous Hollywood hairstyles.

Kim-Kardashian-Style-for-Hair-simple                          elle-blonde-celebrities-beyonce-xln-xln

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  1. Ciara says:

    Cannot wait to get my tapes from you guys, they look amazing. I am planning on putting them in my sisters hair so this defs helped!!!

  2. Aimie Griffith says:

    I just got my tape hair extensions in the mail from ZALA and I am contemplating putting them in myself as it is just to thicken around my face.

    This has been uploaded in perfect timing! 🙂

    I still don’t know if I am cut out for applying hair extensions myself! I struggle with clip ins hahaha my six yr old niece puts them in and does a great job yet I can’t…something must be wrong with me ahhaha

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