Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair on Top

Whether or not you take your hair seriously, it can’t be denied hair maintenance is an important part of life. We purchase bottles of silky conditioners on a monthly basis, we plan out our wash days to prevent damaging our strands, and we take our time styling our hair every time we go out.

But our hair gets affected by many different factors as well. If you don’t do proper care and maintenance, it can lead to your hair becoming thin and eventually falling out.

Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair On Top

What Causes Thinning Hair?

Thinning hair can affect someone’s self-esteem. People who experience thinning hair often go to great lengths just to hide their hair’s lack of volume. Over time, this can become a draining routine that can burn out just about anyone.

The thing is, what causes thinning hair in the first place? Actually, there are many reasons why your hair becomes thin.

Your hair can get damaged if you spend too much time under the sun. Washing it every day can cause dryness and dehydration. It can also become brittle if you do too much hairstyling. All these and more can result in irreparable damages to your strands.

Hair Extensions For Thinning Hair

Sadly, hair treatments are expensive and not everyone has the luxury to avail of such an option. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to hiding your thinning hair on top, extensions are the answer.

Here’s a list of hair extensions for thinning hair on top!

Tape-in Hair Extensions

If your hair is thinning, you should opt for lightweight and comfortable hair extensions, such as tape-ins. Pulling on your roots more frequently can result in further hair loss, but since tape-ins use lightweight tape that doesn’t even touch your roots, you should be safe. Not to mention, it sits flat right on your scalp, so the result looks very natural and seamless.

Not only will you be able to cover up the patches on your head, but you’ll also be able to walk around with more voluminous hair comfortably.

Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions

If the thinning hair on top of your head is not severe, you can try out clip-in hair extensions. One of the cheapest types of hair extensions in the market, clip-ins are great if you’re tight on a budget and cannot afford expensive hair treatments just yet.

But just because they’re affordable doesn’t mean they’re not of good quality. For instance, the Zala Hair Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions are a great choice if you want to amplify the volume of your hair while sticking to a budget.

There are two options to choose from: the 5 piece set and the 9 piece set. If you have naturally thin hair, the 5-piece set may be enough. However, just remember to gently clip-in the hair extensions as you would not want to pull or tighten the roots of your hair too much if it’s already thinning.

Hair Toppers

If you have a bad case of hair thinning–or worse, shedding–on top of your head, you’ll need hair extensions that are made specifically to cover them up. Hair toppers, true to their name, can be easily attached to the top of your head. Just make sure to measure the right size so that you can accurately purchase the correct topper with the right cap size for you.

If you want to incorporate another hair extension with your topper to fully volumize your hair, you can attach our Halo Hair Extensions. One of the safest hair extensions for sensitive and brittle hair, halos can give your hair extra volume without tugging and pulling on your strands.

Using Hair Extensions For Thinning Hair

No matter how we take care of our hair, there are just some things we cannot control. Hair extensions can provide you the volume and cover-up to help you regain the glory of your locks.

For more hair tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!


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