Easy Halloween Hairstyles

It's that time of year again! Halloween is near and we've boiled up some seriously hair-raising styles for you scream queens! Look hot as HELL this year with these three easy Halloween hairstyles using ZALA hair extensions.

halloween hairstyles



First up is this vampy chic look, creating some classic vintage curls. This style is super sexy and perfect for those who prefer to look a little more glam! For that signature old Hollywood style with loads of volume, we used a 20 inch 9 piece set of ZALA clip in hair extensions to add length and thickness. Clip in hair extensions instantly transforms your look because they are perfect if you're looking for a super easy Halloween hairstyle. We curled the hair using our go-to styling tool - the ZALA Cosmo Wand - to create these stunning vintage waves. For this look, create a deep side parting and make sure you curl each piece in the same direction. This makes sure that when you're locks are brushed out, they form that signature 'S' shape. Finish with a red lip and some vampire fangs and the look is complete!



Next up, this super bad ass girl gang look. Again, this style is really easy to do yet still packs a punch! For this look, volume is key. And although you can achieve the style with your natural locks, we think clip in hair extensions make all the difference! For a serious volume boost, we applied a 14 inch 9 piece set of clip in hair extensions to our girl Madeleine's hair. Then to create really tight, defined curls, we styled the set using the ZALA Cosmo wand Spiral attachment. Once all the hair is curled, brush through slightly and tease for added volume & texture. Finish with a bandana and you're done!


Last but certainly not least, Harley Quinn! This will definitely be our go-to Halloween look this year. Ain't that right, puddin? ;) To get Harley's look, it's a simple as two ZALA ponytail extensions! Simply style your natural hair in two pigtails, leaving two pieces out at the front to frame your face. Then, for the perfect Harley Quinn hair, apply two ZALA human hair ponytails for super voluminous pigtails. Finish by adding some curls to your ponies using the ZALA Cosmo Wand 32mm attachment. This barrel is great for creating big, voluminous curls. Complete the look with blue & red hair chalk and you're done!


Did you hear?! We're holding a massive Halloween giveaway for Harley Quinn's look! Check out the details below:

Which of these easy Halloween hairstyles will you dare to try?

October 14, 2016
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