Christmas Party Hair

Ladies, the silly season is here! Are your social calendars full to the brim with events? Whether it is your work Christmas party, dinner with the family or in-laws, or just cocktails with the girls, why not celebrate with fabulous Christmas Party Hair.

Christmas Party Hair

Christmas Party Hair

Look the part this festive season with these Christmas Party Hairstyles.

Sleek & Long Christmas Party Hair

Nothing beats a classic sleek and long Christmas party hair style. Long, thick and straight hair is a timeless look and can be easily achieved by anyone! The best part about sleek and long Christmas hair is that you can wear your Santa Hat all night long and not have to worry about the dreaded hat hair.

What better way to celebrate the silly season than with Sleek & Long hair. This look can easily be achieved with ZALA Clip In Hair Extensions.

Sleek & Low Pony

To continue on with the sleek theme, why not try a low ponytail using ZALA Clip In Ponytail Extensions. This is a Christmas Party Hair necessity for easy and flawless hair this silly season. You can achieve this look in minutes! I don't know about you but those extra minutes can be used perfecting your eyeliner, or ordering an extra round at the bar...

Christmas Party Hair

Instant Highlights

The month of December is a festive roller-coaster. Add instant highlights to give your hair that little bit of extra flair this Christmas using a lighter shade of ZALA Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Christmas Party Hair

To achieve this look, we recommend 2 sets of single piece Volumizer Clip In Extensions, each a different shade, you can achieve an instant highlighted look. To match your hair, we suggest buying a hair extension shade that matches your current hair, and a shade of your choice to create a highlighted look.

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November 27, 2017
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